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"Knowledge is found in curiosity ... wisdom is found when exploring it " - the girl x

About Clare Louise

I believe everyone has a dream to fulfill, a passion to ignite, a love to share. I believe that the biggest thing we search for, one way or another, is happiness, in all aspects of our lives. I believe that when we stop being a victim to our experiences and take responsibility for our choices, we can create positive change within and find lasting happiness.

Whilst our experiences in life aren't neccesarily shared, we do understand how it feels to share the same emotions. Joy, love and happiness are the ultimate emotions that we all seek to share, but what do we do when we feel hopelessness, doubt, loss, anger, fatigue, overwhelm, anxiousness, shame, guilt and feel unworthy? How do we find our way to the life we know we deserve? Who do we turn to for help? Where do we seek that inspiration that can help us take that first step to happiness?

We all know how it feels to be out of control, desperate, stressed, negative, you know the emotions I'm talking about, and the many other emotions I've not expressed. I know the effects those emotions have had in my life and on my life. I've faced many challenges both personally and in business and have learnt, and will continue to learn, to see beyond the experience, using it as an opportunity to grow. I understand how it feels to face and overcome your greatest fears and doubts, to bring about positive change, and I've learnt that the answers to our biggest questions, must first be found within.

So if you're reaching for that 'desire' that's growing inside you, trying to break free, seeking inspiration for a different way of living, then you are already thinking about your bigger picture, you're already starting to wake your 'self' up and are ready to make those changes to your world ... but where do you begin?

Ask yourself this, are you ready to do what it takes and really push your 'self' out of your comfort zone, to climb your mountain? Are you ready to commit to the journey of self discovery and take responsibility for the part you play in your world? Are you ready to listen to who you really are and all you have ever wanted to be, so you can unfurl your wings, step off your mountain and fly?

You are? then the journey starts right here with you.

If you're ready to grow and flourish, to open your heart and mind to your 'self', dig deep and be honest with you, then I'd love to share my passion with you. Here in the window of my world, is the place where I can share my thoughts with like minded people, in the hope that whilst I don't have all the answers, I will at least, inspire you to think outside your box, so you may be all you are meant to be.


As a creative thinker and entrepreneur, I am passionate about creativity and self empowerment through helping others release their potential and take ownership of their lives and businesses. By accepting where we are now and looking at the choices we can make today to take us to the future we desire, we can begin to take action and create a personal blueprint for success.

Personal development is the single most powerful tool to create change in all areas of our lives. My passion is to inspire empowerment through the journey of personal development, self discovery, creativity and business mastery. I am passionate about sharing knowledge, my experiences and beliefs to help create positive enviroments for individuals and businesses to thrive. I understand the challenges and frustrations most entrepreneurs, small businesses and organisations face enabling me to help guide you to discover your solutions. I am experienced in moving through the transitions of feeling stuck in our lives to freeing ourselves to who we are, so we can live a life of purpose and facililtate positive change in all aspects of our lives, one step at a time.

I have always focussed on three key steps to living a succesful and happy life; mind alignment, energy aligment and business alignment, and believe that every succesful person is powered by passion ... It's those steps, strategies and philosophies to finding your passion I'd like to share here with you.

Success doesn't come over night in any aspect of your life, no matter how passionate you are. Success comes from having the clarity and vision that enables the consistent execution of your plan. No matter what that vision and plan is, by remaining focused and driven and being brave enough to follow your vision, to keep going when the going gets tough, we can achieve our success. One solution never fits all and life will always throw curve balls your way, your job is to learn how to deal with those curve balls, bring yourself back to calm, take control and work out what your next step is. Doing nothing is not a plan of action, doing nothing is standing still and waiting to see which way the wind blows. Yet there is always a choice, do nothing ... or be brave enough to try something, to make a choice, your choice and blow with the wind.


Specialising in photography, I am an international speaker, competitions judge, mentor, qualifcations examiner and international award winning photographer. Both my art work and creative writing have been published online and in print globally. I have spoken worldwide, presenting inspirational and motivational workshops to help embrace change, creativity, and unlock the potential within.

Speaker Programmes

Clare Louise delivers a range of speaker programmes on Creativite Thinking, Self Empowerment & Business Development. She has been invited around the world sharing her passion, knowledge and experience. If you are interested in inviting Clare Louise to speak at your event please contact her here.


May 2013 - present date

CEO of the Master Photographers Association, an international not-for-profit photographic association, whose mission is to raise the standards of professional photography through a three tiered qualifications system. Clare Louise took on The Association at a time of making losses of over £100k. Utilizing her business skills, passion and creativity within 2 years The Association had returned to a profit. It has seen a 42% increase in membership during her leadership and celebrates a positive environment in which to grow from.

Clare Louise has led a team, with limited resources, to rebrand both The MPA and Cherubs Portrait - the UK's longest running baby photography promotion, which now generates an estimated £7.5 million pounds worth of revenue for photographers across the UK.

With key strengths in relationship building, new partnerships have been built whilst strengthening excisting alliances.

Under her guidance, internal systems and processes have been implemented increasing efficency and productivity. Working alongside the Qualifications Chair of Judges, MPA qualifications is now a quanitifiable and systemised process promoting transparency, credability and integrity of The Association, values reflective of her own.

Clare Louise's personal passion for industry awards has created an enviable environment for celebrating the mastery found within The Associations members and aspiring members. Hosting and organising the highly coveted Master Photography International Awards, Clare Louise places high value on bringing the industry together to celebrate, inspire and motivate the creative mastery that lives within us all.


Advanced Business Coaching - Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants

7 Habits of Highly Succesful People - Franklin Covey

Board Leadership for High Performing Boards - Leadership & Governance

Project & Time Management - Franklin Covey

Stratergy Planning - Alex Glassey

QHEH Level 2 Practitioner - Paula Wratten

EFT Practitioner - Lilian Poultney

Red Tent Facilitator - Empowering Women

46 Years of Life Experience - The Universe

2003 - 2013

In 2004 Clare Louise began her photography career. Over the next decade Clare Louise won over 200 awards for her work at regional, national and international competition level. She also gained a Fellowship in Fine Art with the Master Photographers Association and was awarded the Best Fellowship accolade for 2012. Building a reputation as a creative thinker and inspirational speaker, Clare Louise has travelled the world telling her story, sharing her passion and inspiring others. Clare Louise has also mentored, coached and run workshops on creativity, photography, and business and is both a Photographic Qualifications Examiner and International Photographic Judge.