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Hi All,

My name is Lorraine Thompson, earlier this year I found myself totally devastated after a very traumatic relationship came to an end, with so many other stressful things going on in my life, I really couldn't dig my way out of the dark depression I was in, no matter what I tried.

I turned to Clare-Louise and asked for her advice, she was amazing and so understanding of everything I was telling her. She invited me to try her online course 'Love Your Self More' I agreed to try it to see if it could help me. The course was for a week.

By the third day of the course, I couldn't believe how I started to gain my strength. I totally started to understand what I had allowed to happen to me ... I had lost all self love, I had emptied my soul. Through 'Love Your Self More' I started to see who I was and started to believe I could bring me back again. As the days past I gained a wonderful feeling inside almost like I was shining from within, warm and safe; and it was myself that was doing it.

Today I totally see things in a positive way now the best I can. I am still healing day by day and on the odd day I slip, I go back to the course and refill my heart again to give me the strength I need.

Things have come along since which have tested me; I use the positive energies I have trained myself to do with the course to get me through. I listen to my instincts, my dreams and I go for it..... if it feels strong inside I do it! My life has taken a turn and everything is just wonderful, I feel alive and ten feet tall. It's almost like magic, hard to explain, but I feel reborn in one sense and free of bad feelings. I see life for all its beauty and the good and with that has came more good.  I have to thank Clare-Louise for the changes in my life.... just amazing.

I would recommend doing this course, one reason is because we really do lose our way and get drowned by all the negative, sad, trauma we go through. I think it should be common practice, this world would be a better place.
If you focus and really listen 100% this course will help you achieve what I have........ I will never look back, ever!


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Clare-Louise, now I know; you are an Earth angel.

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Love Your Self More Online Course

I could never have anticipated the impact that the Love Your Self More course was going to have on my life and in such a short period of time.

I was living a life for everybody but myself, I was going along with the flow feeling powerless and obligated to everyone else's needs but I didn't even acknowledge my own.

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