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Self Love creates happiness. It is the foundation to fulfilment. It allows us to create healthy relationships with our selves as well as others. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, allowing us to design a healthy mindset, creating confidence in who we are and what we do.


After years of struggling with lack of self love and my own personal journey to emotional freedom, I have studied, practiced and trained in a number of alternative therapies. Love Your Self More has been created to help others peel back the layers of limiting beliefs, let go of what holds you back and take those next steps in personal growth and the discovery of self through emotional freedom.


 'Love Your Self More' is an online course delivered over period of 6 days, the course invites you to look deeper into your Self and key limiting beliefs. Through a series of guided meditations, visualisations and reflective journaling exercises, this course has been designed to reconnect you to your inner light, to your truth, to help strip away emotional blocks that hold you back.

The shifts can only ever be as great as the individuals healing journey will allow.

You will need to commit to 30 minutes a day of quality you time, closing the door to the outside world for 6 consecutive days.

If you are committed to your wellness, are looking to break through limiting beliefs and take ownership of your life Love Your Self More is the perfect fit for you.

To find out more about 'Love Your Self More', online course and what others say about the impact the course had on their lives, you can read more here.

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