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 'Love Your Self More' is an online course delivered over period of 6 days, the course invites you to look deeper into your Self and key limiting beliefs. Through a series of guided meditations, visualisations, reflective journaling exercises, this course has been designed to reconnect you to your inner light, to your truth, to help strip away emotional blocks that hold you back.

This course has already been trialed on a small group of people with monitored and recorded feedback of each session. To extend my research, I am now opening this course up to 10 people who are ready to reconnect to their inner self and are committed to their personal growth in exchange for feedback, and if happy with the results, a testimonial.

The shifts can only ever be as great as the individuals healing journey will allow. If needed there will be email support during the 1 week trial. After a 12 week period you will be invited to feed back any changes you have noticed within your self and your life.

You will need to commit to 30 minutes a day of quality you time, closing the door to the outside world, and for 6 consecutive days share a daily log of your experiences after each session. Each session will be delivered to your inbox at 6am via email, and if required you can make contact via email for any support you are needing during this process.

If you are committed to your wellness, are interested in helping trial this online course in exchange for feedback then please contact me on the email address below. The trial will take place between the period of 04/11/17 and 10/11/17.

Trust and integrity is at the forefront of all I do, anything shared will be in the utmost confidence. Any information required for the testimonial would be results based, reviewing the course content and delivery. Before agreeing to this trial, please ensure you have read the disclaimer which you can find here.

Lorraine, one of the first to test 'Love Your Self More', has very kindly offered to share her experience here with anyone thinking about trialing the course.

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