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'Your heart is life's navigator ... if it is happy you are going in the right direction'

"Creativity" is the word we use for our desire to make use of our inner resources, employ our imagination, knit together our thoughts and our feelings into beautiful things like songs, quilts, or novels, and feel like the hero of our own story. It is the way that we manifest our potential, make use of our intelligence, and embrace what we love.
-Eric Maisel


Creating Creativity is a community that nurtures and celebrates imagination and inspired action. It loves the plan and making things happen as much the dreaming. It's supportive and caring, it's educational and sharing ... it's about creating a space that inspires creativity to flow freely and explore all of who we are in a safe and positive environment to grow from. It's about encouraging creatives to be the bright light that they are and shine.

It's new and exciting, filled with knowledge and wisdom, and those all important positive vibes to thrive from, and like all great ideas, it's coming to life right here with you.

Let your creativity take you to a destination unknown ... be a part of the journey.

Creating Creativity : a community to help creatives thrive in their art, lives and businesses.

Want to join the community or be involved in helping creatives thrive? I'd love to hear from you.


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