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What is Creative Living?

'If you're alive, you're a creative person'

 Elizabeth Gilbert - Author Eat, Pray, Love.

We are all creative, resourceful and whole. When our limiting beliefs get in the way of our creative vision, our fear challenges us to play small.

Creative living is a way of being, living a life through the expression of our truth, who we really are, our values, our hopes and our dreams. It's about daring to believe in all we know we can achieve, to have no expectations, no desire for perfection. It's about removing our limiting beliefs and living our lives from a place of wholeness.

Our creative mind is our greatest asset, it's what inspires us, ignites our passion and empowers our soul. It's the part of us that can access all of who we are meant to be, our expansiveness, our magnificence, our greatness. It's our internal solution finder, our vision, our hopes and dreams, our connection to all we can achieve and yet it is the most underutilised asset in our daily lives.

Left to do nothing we stagnate, become bored, afraid, switched off from life, from our'self'. Our wellbeing suffers as our creative mind turns on its self crushing our self belief, our confidence and limiting all we can achieve.

It's time to get curious, to be inquisitive, to be honest and trust in you, it's time to discover the magic within.

Creativity starts with curiosity, be curious ... what do you have the power to achieve?


Coaching Programme

Live a life that's true to your values and what you believe in.

Understand how you show up in the world and your internal dialogue

Find a personal sense of belonging and understanding

Know who you are, where you want to be in life and how to get there

Invest in you ... it's time to achieve your dreams

Creativity is a way of being - release your full potential


Connect to your source of inspiration, your inner leader, understand your values and what motivates you to thrive.

Understand what's holding you back, remove your limiting beliefs, build confidence and find empowerment from within.

Create an action plan, your personal blueprint to success that you are committed to challenge yourself to succeed.

21st century success comes from self reflection, flexibility, adaptability, connection and the courage to embrace change.


Imagine how it would feel to connect to your vision, your dreams, your values and have the courage to follow them. To know where you belong, to have clarity, direction and the passion to take action.

Imagine how it would feel to remove yourself from the pain of confusion and frustration, to step out of the chaos and searching and step into who you were always meant to be.

Imagine how it would feel to feel alive, ignited with passion, creativity and enthusiasm.

Imagine living from an inner space where everything feels possible where you have the confidence to create your own possibility

Are you ready to grow, to know who you are and how you want to be in your world?

Its time to discover your potential and live a life with purpose.


Unlock what's holding you back and start to live life from a place of self belief

Let go of old emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Disconnect from feelings of fear, doubt and guilt, all those emotions that keep you stuck and playing small, own them, rise above them, transforming your life beyond measure

Step away from overwhem and anxiety, take back control of your life and truly start living

Connect to your courage, confidence and passion, living from the place of possibility

Challenge your personal growth, expand your perspective as you see your world through new eyes as you grow from within

Believe in you, your inner power and take those next steps to start making things happen


Find focus and gain clarity on your next steps

Know which parts of you to access to create transformational change

Create a plan of action and start moving life in your new direction

Commit to your dreams and see life move as you begin to create change

Be accountable to your personal growth, for today, your future and your dreams

See solutions not limitations and create from this space

Have the power to take action from a place of resonant choices based on your life purpose and personal values.

Inspire your next steps

Inspire your passion, empower your soul, create the life you desire

A Story of Success


Lisa Visser

Why did you choose Clare Louise's Creating Creativity® coaching programme?

My business wasn’t moving forward in the way I wanted it to and I was contemplating what I could do to improve things. When I read about Clare Louise's coaching it gave me hope that I could work on making the changes that were needed.

How many sessions did you have?

I had 6 weekly sessions, each session lasting between 40 minutes to 2 hours. They took as long as was needed to get the results, depending on what showed up in each session.

Was there work to do in between each session?

Yes, and it was really beneficial. Clare Louise followed up every session with full session notes, action points, and, depending on what we were working on in each session, recordings, visualisations, exercises, and inspiration. There was always follow-up work, which needed to be sent to Clare before the next session. This was really beneficial as it kept me focused on what I needed to do before I spoke to her again and gave me accountability. When I finished the programme I received a personal blueprint. This covered everything we had gone through in the sessions and gave me the exercises we had worked on (and more) so I could continue my development once our coaching had finished.

When did you start to see the benefits?

After the first session I felt really positive that I could make my business be whatever I wanted it to be. Clare Louise is a wonderful person to engage with. She is insightful and will help develop the best version of you to improve your business and expand your creativity.

The programme far exceeded my expectations. I didn't realise that so much time would be spent looking into me as a person: it was healing and refreshing. I also felt so relaxed with Clare. She has a lovely calming way about her that makes you feel anything you say is not being judged but looked at to find solutions.

What else did you explore?

On the second session we looked into my business. Even before starting the session Clare asked me to begin analysing how things currently were. Just spending some quiet time really thinking about the business this way and answering the simple questions Clare had asked made me realise changes needed to be made. This session was a real eye opener for me. Clare guided me through my business and really helped things become clear in my mind. I had a good honest look at where I was. I was able to break my business down and focus on one area at a time and really see what needed to change. This was so helpful because Clare helped me look at my business in ways I had never done before. She was perfect at asking the right questions and offering scenarios that then helped me create the right solutions for my business. I knew I had a good product but Clare helped me to see its full potential. I left this session feeling really positive and excited about implementing change and felt really confident that I could realistically achieve those adjustments I needed to make. The thing I gained most from looking at my business this way was that I was seeing a much clearer picture of what was happening and that it was all in my hands to make my business far more successful. I felt excited about what I could actually do myself.

One of the many benefits about working with Clare Louise is that she is really good at making you think far more deeply than you would normally, whether that's about how you are performing in your business, how your client is reacting to you, or what you are offering them. She offers great advice and her positive nature is infectious. By session 3 I realised that it was my mindset that was holding my business back: I was the one putting the limitations on it. These sessions transformed all that. The changes in me by session 3 were already having a big impact on me personally and within my business. I’d stopped wondering what I could do and how: I felt positive and had a real sense of purpose, which gave me the right energy to create the changes needed.

It takes a very clever and intuitive eye to look at someone’s business and make positive suggestions to move it forward. Clare Louise has such an amazing way of being able to delve into so many aspects of your business and the role you play in it. She helps you to see what can be improved and helps you find solutions that can really transform things both practically for your business and emotionally for your wellbeing.

What was the biggest value?

Hope. Without hope there is nothing. My hope developed into positivity, which then changed into feelings of excitement at my own potential and what I can achieve. I've tapped into an inner strength. I've learned to take small steps and realise that the little changes I implement can make such a big difference to the way I work. Listening to Clare Louise's recordings when I've needed encouragement has really helped too. My perspective has changed on issues that used to really bother me: now I see them as opportunities to learn. It's brilliant! The coaching has been exactly what I needed to drive me and my business forward. The steps, whilst they have pushed me, have been achievable, leaving me feeling very positive.

What was the biggest impact?

Believing in myself. I can see the changes working. I have found that the tools Clare Louise has shown me are changing the way I feel and deal with situations in my business, and also how I feel about myself. Rather than thinking ‘I can't do that,’ I now think ‘how can I do this?’ I'm more in control and feel more powerful. I've gone from wondering what I can do improve my business to feeling I can change anything I want. I understand the product and service I offer my clients more. I feel valued. I have a real sense of achievement and purpose about my business.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise's Creating Creativity® coaching programme?

The coaching has really helped me to feel more positive, to have greater self belief and confidence. All these qualities are fundamental in helping me perform well in my business. I feel so much more empowered and this is really benefiting me as I look at where I’m now headed. I feel so excited about the business and how I can explore further its potential and expand my creativity. The coaching has made me feel I really can achieve my dreams.

This coaching is life changing. It has made me look at my business and myself so differently. I really understand myself better. It has given me so much more faith in myself. Clare Louise is an amazing coach and mentor and has such an intuitive and wonderful way with people. I felt so relaxed that nothing I said was wrong. I would tell others that if they are looking for a new direction or wanting to improve what they’re doing, this would be just what they need to make great changes for themselves both personally and professionally.

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