Clare Louise, now I know; you are an Earth angel.

I’ve been on this journey of self awareness for a couple of years now after impactful events in my life. Although you can have the best intentions, from self love, meditation and passion to name a few, sometimes we need that gentle, understanding support from someone that gets you.

I had no expectations beforehand; I only knew that I would have a Spiritual Spa Day with Clare-Louise. My kind of day. Not only is she so in tune with every single person attending, she makes you feel welcome, loved, nurtured, listened to and above all, held in her decadent angel wings of love. She helped me understand what held me back, and that life’s challenges do not define you, that it’s OK to dream and make those dreams reality. For me it I felt that it was my time to shine, to show the world who I am, what my passion is, and to dare to show it to the world. What if, what if that would not just be a dream but actual reality? I am in charge of my life now, not anybody else.

Thanks to a beautiful day of feeling safe, supported and loved, I am ready! Since having attended the one day workshop, I’ve taken action, I’m even more in tune with myself, I listen to my intuition, and take action accordingly. I feel much more the me who I feel happy with, extrovert and introvert when I feel like it, ready to show the world, on my terms, and not what I feel I'm supposed to be doing.

The future is bright!


What People Say About Me

Shell Underhill-Savage

For years I have played at being a creative. Now I have a business and know I can play & earn & that dreams can be birthed into life. There’s been tremendous growth, in me and others in the group. Each person shone in their own time.

Deana Hewitt

I’m learning to create from deep inside, from here everything just flows. It’s amazing. Would I have created this way without doing this course, absolutely not. I’ve also been able to see how I block my own potential and how my saboteurs impact my earning potential.

Miranda Khilstrom

Finding my why, what makes me tick and how my values reflect my business and the impact of that on my clients has been so insightful. I was able to look deeply at what I really wanted to create, making powerful commitments and steps so I could get out there and make my dreams happen.

Sarah Dunwood

I am no longer playing small! I have found my voice and it is strong. My confidence is through the roof because I know who I am. I am moving towards being able to achieve self actualisation. The work that she does is powerful in a way that I can’t find the words to articulate.

Lisa Visser

I have the strength to overcome the challenges I was facing in my business. It takes a very clever and intuitive eye to see what is failing in your business and why that is happening. Clare Louise has such am amazing way of delving and helps you transform things both financially and emotionally.

Gwenllian Riall

She’ll peel layers off you (with your permission), and you will reveal your creative soul that’s been in hiding away