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Thank you for choosing to book this workshop. I'm really passionate about all my workshops and am really looking forward to sharing this magical content with you. It's a game changer, it's uplifting, mind blowing and inspiring and I love nothing more than to see people grow on so many levels through the workshops I deliver.

I know just how much impact this experience has and really want to make it possible for you to be here.

I can't wait to work with you!

Let's make this the year you create your own kind of magic!

See you soon




Step One - Decide your date

March 11th or May 13th 2019

Step Two - Choose Your Early Bird Payment Options

You can choose to make a one off payment,  spread those payments, or pay by credit card, whichever is best for you.

One Off payment : choose your preferred date, select one off payment, click to purchase. You will receive an instant notification of your payment via Paypal and I will get in touch to confirm your place and let you know whats next.

Total Payable £149.00


Multiple Payments : If you're spreading those payments choose your preferred date, select deposit payment. Once the payment has been received you will receive notification via Paypal. I will be in touch to Schedule payment dates and let you know what's next.

Total Payable £180.00


Credit Card Payments : Please contact me direct via email with your telephone number and I'll be in touch to take the payment over the phone.

Total Payable £149.00


Step Three - Complete Your Booking Form

Once you have made your payment please complete the booking form at the bottom of this page entering the Transactional ID number supplied by Paypal for your booking reference.

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