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Clare Louise and EmmaLilly

I’m a (he)artist exploring this life and the world through authentic creativity.

I love nothing more than to go deep and explore the dreams of the heart, the calling of the soul, the architecture of the self and the essence of the creative spirit and share that with anyone who will sit with me.

I've spent most of my life exploring who I am on the other side of my fears, blocks and limiting beleifs

My name is Clare Louise, I’m a change maker and creative leadership coach.

I help creatives believe in themselves, reconnect to the Creative Self, find their voice, find purpose and create deeper connections to themselves and the world around them as they see past their fears, blocks and limiting beleifs and navigate the path to authenticity.

I'm passionate about realising our creative potential so we can add that little bit of magic to our work (and worlds).

I've been following my own creative call and the discovery of Self for the last 20 years and have I have just shy of 20 years experience working in the creative industry. As a fine art photographer I received hundreds of accolades, awards and certificates for my creative work and have a Fellowship in Fine Art Photography with two of the main photographic bodies. I've worn many hats in the industry, an international competitions judge, mentor, qualifications examiner, creative business owner and have been CEO of international photographic association for over 4 years.

In 2017 I took a sabbatical and retrained as a life, leadership and business coach and today I specialise in authentic creative leadership and helping creatives build a business with soul so they can lead a creatively fulfilling live.

But that’s not who I am, that’s what I do. I’m a dreamer, a writer, an adventurer with a zest for life filled with wonder and curiosity, I’m a (he)artist exploring the world through creativity and I love nothing more than to go deep and explore the dreams of the heart, the calling of the soul, the architecture of the self and the essence of the creative spirit and share that with anyone who will sit with me.

You can often find me sat up until the early hours of the morning having those conversations most people run away from … I roar as that dragons heart within me longs to wake people up to all of who they are, to their potential and possibilities and that of my own. It’s a mutual journey and I’m walking every step of this path with courage, passion and soul.

I’m deep, sometimes my friends wonder if I will ever lighten up, but I love it here … listening to the wisdom found in the souls journey as creativity takes you to a destination unknown. I'm light and love the mischief that comes with doing what you love and radiating that out into the world.

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Creating Creativity enables those who pour something of themselves into their work with soul, creativity and love unlock their creative potential through personal, creative and business development.

Authentic creativity is at the heart of everything we do and we specialise in three core areas :

Creative Block : understanding the root cause of what blocks us as authentic creators and how that impacts our creative flow.

Creative Recovery : Find your voice - reconnecting to your authentic creative self and create deeper connections to your self and the world around you.

Creative Flow : Understand your creative architecture and how to take who we are being as an authentic creator out into the wold in a heart centred way, with purpose, passion and a plan.



Working with CL has changed me, my creativity and my business. I know myself better, I constantly challenge myself to listen to what my intuition is telling me and to apply that to all areas of my life. She has given me the tools to understand my inner critic and space to allow me to access what else is inside of me, waiting to have a voice - Kathryn Chapman



Clare Louise is a wonderful person to go and see. She is insightful, will help bring the best version of you back into your creativity and your business
Lisa Visser

My whole world has opened up and it feels amazing” - Sarah Dunwood

Clare Louise gets you out of your head and listening to your heart instead. She has this ability to somehow make you feel comfortable even though you’re talking about uncomfortable emotions. She has so much to give and is very generous with her time. Thank you Clare Louise for believing in me - Jo Worthington


Clare Louise helped me to find my voice in life again. She really helped me to be able to communicate my needs in all areas of my life. Working with her is life changing and absolutely what I needed to put me on the track of success. - Elisha Weger


The class exercises were unbelievable, I felt like you took my mind to a different place and I now approach shoots differently. I saw things in me and felt things in me I didn’t even know was there – I have grown so much in such a short period of time - Orson Nurse


Finding my why, what makes me tick and how my values reflect my business and the impact of that on my clients has been so insightful. I was able to look deeply at what I really wanted to create, making powerful commitments and steps so I could get out there and make my dreams happen - Miranda Khilstrom