Simone Clare Stock – Shooting With Soul – My Workshop Experience With Clare Louise

Simone Clare Stocks Model – Shooting With Soul Workshop Review

Why “Shooting with Soul’ – what did you want out of the workshop?
To be inspired! I felt as though I’d hit a plateau with my level of work and wanted to push myself.

Tell us about your experience of the day?
Throughout the day, I felt surprisingly more and more emotional. It was something I completely wasn’t expecting to feel.

What was the biggest value from the day?
I valued the connections I made the most – it was so intense, surreal and truly beautiful to create in that way in a team of people.

Whats changed for you since the workshop? 
As a model I’ve noticed I’m far more expressive in photo shoots now and this shows straight away back of camera.

How do you feel you have grown creatively?
Usually I’ll listen to everyone else’s ideas, because that’s my job. This time, I got to share my own ideas, and others actually wanted to listen!

How did the workshop empower you personally?
I had the opportunity to be in a safe place where I could be honest. It can be so hard to find that.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?
She’s inspirational on an other worldly level. So friendly, helpful, creatively fierce and empowering.

Who would you recommend this workshop too and why?
Although I’d recommend this workshop to every creative within the industry, I think this is extremely valuable to other models. The reason being that I don’t think that models give themselves the freedom to be creative.

Have the last word … What do you want to say to Clare Louise?
THANK YOU for believing in me, in all of us. By the end of the day, we came together as a family. It was a truly beautiful experience. It won’t be the last – I’m certain! Clare Louise helps you to free your inner creativity and then pushes you past what you thought were your boundaries. The workshop has inspired me to fulfill my dreams and what I’ve come away with is truly reflecting in my modelling work – and it’s only 2 weeks on! I cannot recommend this ethereal experience enough. I’ve never been so driven and for that I am so grateful.