Abigail Stewart – Photographer : Shooting With Soul Review

Abigail Stewart – Photographer : ‘Shooting With Soul’ Review


Why Shooting with Soul – what did you want out of the workshop?

I wanted to learn more about how to direct the models to create more moving images, not just creatively but emotionally too. I also wanted to learn more about how to create something from the beginning, from an idea or concept.

Tell us about your experience of the day?

It was great to work as part of a team. I’ve never done a workshop where you explored your creativity during a shoot.

What was the biggest value from the day?

Learning how to connect with the models to produce more powerful images.

Whats changed for you since the workshop?

I feel like I have the confidence to go out there and control a shoot from a different perspective.

How do you feel you have grown creatively?

I am more open to this kind of creative approach for my clients

How did the workshop empower you personally?

It took me out of my comfort zone.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise

This workshop is a good way to better explore creativity in your photography. Clare Louise really pushes you to find this, she is a very intuitive person and it was fascinating to see what she brought out of others and myself on the day.

Who would you recommend this workshop too and why?

Any aspiring and established photographers

The last word : Interesting workshop and something refreshingly new. Thank you Clare Louise for a great day!


image credit : Abigail Stewart Photography – taken on the ‘Shooting with Soul Workshop