Alessandra Constanto


No Ordinary Woman


It’s not easy being a successful female creative. The fast pace and demands of being a business owner, the deep desire to follow our hearts and be our best selves as we listen to that creative call from within, the guilt still of trying to be everything we feel we are meant to be at home and to others, the driving force of our world. This often means we put ourselves to the bottom of the very big pile of things to do, a trait that many female creatives entrepreneurs are masters of juggling, whilst disguising the inner turmoil. Caught up in the strive to achieve all and do all, we forget to pause and be, to remember who we are.

It can become all consuming, the chaos of life weighing us down, chipping away at us until one day when we look in the mirror we realise we are a shadow of who we were and the enormity of what’s slipped away right between our fingertips, hits home … hard and we fall out of love with who we are and what we do.

Alessandra, a successful wedding and portrait photographer in Italy was trapped in that cycle of chaos, despite her successful career as a photographer she was feeling unfulfilled in both life and business. Together we took the journey of restoring order to the inner chaos, peace where there was none, clarity in the confusion. We connected deeper to the inner voice, the creative call, the purpose, and Alessandra picked up life and her dreams, one moment at a time. With renewed passion, creative energy and focus, Alessandra stepped out, unleashing the next part of her incredible dream.

Today Alessandra has extended her photography business and continues to step forward, following her dreams of empowering women through her photography. She is strong, devoted and committed, she is doing the work that it takes, alive in her very own magic.

“I started living again, she made me feel like I was alive and I could love myself again” Alessandra Casonato



Why did you choose Clare Louise’s Creative Leadership Program?
I was looking for someone who could help me. I was not satisfied about work and life. I was stacked and couldn’t get out from this situation. I’d tried two coaches before Clare Louise,  but they didn’t work. When I saw her I understood that maybe, she was the right person, so I contacted her.

Tell us about the sessions?
I trusted in her completely because she could drive me in the right direction. I learnt about visualization. I learnt that the results of our job depends on how we are as a person … I was not feeling well and I was very confused. Clare Louise always helped me to find more clarity in my mind and actions. At the end of the sessions I was always very tired but this helped me alot as I was doing deep work.

Was there work to do in between each session?

There was always something to do, sometimes that something was just resting, sometimes it was many other things depending on what we were working on, this approach helped me a lot to make things more clear.

When did you start to see the benefits?


What else did you explore?

Life in general, I started living again.

What was the biggest value?

She made me live again, she made me feel I was alive and I could love myself again and this had a big impact in my job too.

What was the biggest impact?

I started to come out from the bad period I was living in and this permitted  me to start again, begin a new life. It has been a journey of personal growth.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise’s Creative Leadership Coaching ?

If you do it you’ll be happy for sure, your life can change like it happened to me. It is the best I have ever done because first of all Clare can understand what you need – even when you don’t know what you need and she drives you there!


“I started living again, she made me feel alive and that I could love myself again”


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