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The Creatives Retreat


The Creatives Retreat has been a long term dream, borne from the experience of my own journey to authenticity and the desire to create a unique safe space where creatives can feel held in a safe and loving environment to face whats holding them back. It offers understanding, awareness and courage, a space to release limiting beliefs in order to create the space within to grow from.

In this space of growth you will experience empowerment, connect to the space of fulfillment within you, your vision, and take those steps to make a plan and commit to it. It's a powerful space to move forwards from, to have clarity and focus on your life's purpose, your passion and create the blueprint of your next steps to start making your dreams possible.



Beverly, one of the delegates on my first solo retreat, had worked with me before, we met at one of my first workshops. After months of deep inner work Beverly was ready to find that soulful space within her to create from. To move forwards and grow from.

Change comes in many ways, it can come as a roar within your soul or a whisper in the wind. Beverly's beautiful, strong yet gentle presence gifted us all humility and grace as each day we explored the mutual journey of authenticity, gifting us all something magical as she connected to her inner voice, intuition and purpose and began to explore the world through the curiosity and wonderment of empowering the inner child.


"This retreat was one of the most amazing soul searching and empowering gifts you can give yourself - you'll be given something so powerful at the end that is just you" - Beverly Drury


What would you tell others about the retreat?

This retreat has been the most beautiful soul searching, inspirational, loving and giving gift which empowers you to feel and embrace all of who you are. The Creatives Retreat was a most uplifting and life changing experience. It challenged me to look within so deeply and by doing this it gifted me what need to fulfill my self potential and dreams within all areas of my life.

What was the biggest value of the retreat?

The value of self belief, self worth, empowerment and the strength of the connections made within ourselves and others.

What has been the biggest impact since leaving the retreat?

The biggest impact for me since leaving the retreat is complete clarity of where I am now and a clear vision of where I want to be to fulfill my dreams and what I need to do to achieve them.

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