Bilton School and our workshop experience with Clare-Louise Creative Coach

What did you want your pupils to gain from their time with Clare-Louise?

To consider careers in Photography, to gain inspiration from looking at a Photographers work, whose work is both beautiful, insightful and inspirational. To consider photography from another perspective. Students responded well to seeing the work of a professional – her work was really impressive.

What do you feel was the biggest takeaway from the sessions?

Getting students to think outside of their comfort zone. Clare-Louise focused on the ‘creative’ part and giving student words and asked them to connect visualise  emotions from the words. Students responded really well to this and hopefully, this will help them to generate ideas on their exam themes.

How did the students benefit from the session?

The students gained inspiration, thought more deeply about creativity and benefited looking at things from another perspective. There was a Q & A session where the students asked some great questions and Clare-Louise was very honest with her answers. It was really interesting listening to what she had to say regarding her career etc.

What would you tell others about Clare-Louise?

Inspirational, Thought-provoking, makes you think, motivational. She focused lots on the emotion and ideas and not so much on the technical side. Some of her ideas were very good at pushing their higher order thinking skills.