Dayle Adams

Why did you choose Creative Leadership coaching
I felt my life had become stuck in a repetitive cycle. I knew that I was creating my life limitations and that I needed help to change them. This is not something you can do alone. I felt drawn to Clare-Louise, believing that she would be able to help me.

What was the biggest impact of working with Clare Louise?
Having someone who was trustworthy, professional, unbiased, who wanted the best outcome for me, working energetically and spiritually to achieve that in a grounded way.

When did you start to see the benefit?
After the first session. I made instant changes to my life and each session proved to give valuable lessons in self-discovery that were completely unexpected. My life limiting factors were not what I assumed they were. The coaching made me see my true wants and needs. It was like having the wood stripped away so that I could find, and finally see the tree of my life… literally life changing results.
Working with Clare-Louise enabled me to objectively work through a decision making process to find the right choices for me, rather than one made based on external beliefs and pressures that would not necessarily be in my life’s best interests.

What was the biggest value?
Realising that I was worth my own time, that I could say no to demands on me in a firm yet fair way and that taking back control of my time would be so freeing that I would start to appreciate who I was again. It allowed me to understand that time to sit in the moments, to accept them and feel them would have an overwhelming effect on my being, making decisions easier when I was able to connect to how they would affect me physically, in order to know whether they were in my best interests.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?
If you are drawn to her, the cost will find itself, so work with her and give it to your full energy because the life changing outcomes will enhance your future in a holistic manner and improve all areas of your life. I am a strong, independent and self-assured woman that people turn to for support, yet I found myself feeling depressed, put upon, under pressure, torn between commitments, unable to say no and the outcome was I became physically ill. I found myself drawn to the support of Clare-Louise and it was worth every penny to me and I will do it again without hesitation.

Who would you recommend this coaching to and why? 
Anyone who wants to bring about life changes that feel too big to face alone. I was unable to work with close friends, family or work colleagues. I needed someone unaffected directly by the outcomes. Working together made it possible to stay on the path, with Clare-Louise there to bring me back on track when I wandered and re-evaluate the focus within each session, moving onto subsequent hurdles as they transpired. A quote that I once read sums it up… ‘If you want to go fast, go alone… if you want to go far, go together’. Clare-Louise was the perfect journey partner for me and I’m grateful to her.


Dayle Adams – Managing Director