Fiona Elizabeth – The Creatives MasterMind

What made you choose The Creative MasterMind Programme?
I choose the MasterMind programme because I lost my mojo. I reached my Fellowship in Photography only to find it hard to motivate and connect with myself. I left lost. I couldn’t see any direction or future.

What results did you get from The Programme?
I found the programme to be a channel into my inner self, something I had lost connection with. The programme and Clare Louise make it possible for me to answer questions of self-doubt by listening to my inner self, my physical reactions to situations, and visualisation that allowed me to see myself from a completely different perspective.

How has it impacted you personally, creatively and in your business?
The impact of being able to feel and see your inner self is incredible. With an open mind and understanding of my subconscious, I have rebuilt my business, focused on what is essential, and found trust and love in new relationships.

How was The Creatives Mastermind different to anything you have tried before?
The mind is very complicated; what Clare Louise does with her unique programme is she opens the mind. She allows her clients to step into themselves and view life differently by exploring parts of themselves that we have locked away. Reading this, you might ask yourself, well, they are locked away for a good reason, so why would I want to unlock this difficult scenario I lived through? The answer is simple because whether we like it or not, we are controlled by the subconscious, which is full of our life’s experience good and bad, and those stories have an impact on how we navigate life, make life decisions and question our own conscious thoughts – which can be quite a noisy experience!

Clare Louise’s programme is written with heart and compassion. She comes from a place of understanding life’s complexities, which means you are in a safe place to unpack and understand why we do what we do.

Who would you recommend it to and why?
If you are struggling in your business and want to up your game, but are finding it challenging to do so, then this programme will allow you to do just that. As creatives, life is beautiful but also challenging, and sometimes we just need a little help and guidance to get to where we need to be.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?
Clare Louise is a beautiful, kind woman who has become a friend and confidant over the years I have known her. Her spirituality is like no other, and she has the unique ability to connect with people on a completely different level. She is so in tune with the human Physique she will give you wings to fly!

Have the last word … what else would you like to say?

I love this woman deeply—her passion and support for creatives is as unique as Clare Louise. We, as creative people, are fascinating creatures that need nurture to thrive. We need to feel our most profound feelings to create, whether this is in business or producing art, everything we do comes from our soul – this very precious part of our being needs strength, support and space to heal if needed; as a result, we feel and see the world very differently, which brings its own complexities. Clare Louise’s Creative MasterMind Programme allows us to unlock our souls, understand our complexities and trust our intuition, allowing us to grow!