Helen White – My coaching experience with Clare Louise Creating Creativity® programme

Why did you choose Clare Louise’s Creating Creativity® coaching programme?

I’ve been following Clare-Louise for a while and her journals and images always seemed to connect with something deep inside.  I opened one of the emails and read what she had written at a point in time where I had lost my way and felt completely disconnected with my life and who I was.  I didn’t think, I just instinctively reached out.

How long did you work with Clare Louise?

Since September, so not even 4 months.  I think I’ll call this my re-connection and renewal phase of my work with Clare-Louise.   I’m looking forward to continuing working with her throughout 2019.

What about in between the sessions ?

This is where the magic continues to happen.  The in between has been the most important part, where you take all the elements from that session and take the time to reflect and journal.   I’ve never been good at journals, but this has been one of the most useful because each question, or action can be re-answered and repeated at any point in the process.  I found so many links and interconnecting threads through the sessions.

When did you start to see the benefits?

The first session, I went into it with complete openness and honesty about my feelings and thoughts.  Even the parts of my nature that I wasn’t happy with and I knew were not the best part of me.  The way Clare-Louise approaches the sessions I was able to see what my actions and more importantly in-action were affecting not only my sense of well being but also my relationships with my family.  Getting to know my inner strengths and values.  Understanding my weaknesses and being able to recognise my inner leader and my internal saboteur.   Realising how colours and nature are an important part of my sense of self connection. Starting that journal have been really insightful and an important part of my journey.

What else did you explore?

The world through my inner child’s eyes.   I gave her permission to play and explore.  I have a photo journal recording her journey, she has the most amazing imagination and insight, it’s pure and honest.  My insecurities stem from her, treating her with compassion and nurturing the things she enjoys have had a positive impact on how I view my creativity.   I also have my Sassy Chick, she is basically that part of my personality that is full of confidence and sass, experimental and adventurous, and I also have a photo project that involves recording when she takes charge of my life.    It’s been quite a ride giving them a voice and permission to be without fear of judgement.

What was the biggest value?

The positive ripple effect, understanding my outside world is a reflection of what I am feeling on the inside.   Realising that the emotional tools were already in my box, I just needed the guidance on how to recognise them and use them.

What was the biggest impact?

Exploring my deep rooted anger.  This session I think was the most vulnerable and raw.  Due to some of my life’s experiences I’ve had counselling in the past.  Yet my anger and the feelings of injustice that accompany it, stayed strong and uncontrolled, so I tended to lock it away and ignore it’s festering.   With Clare-Louise’s help I realised that there is a place for that voice in my head, I shouldn’t close it out completely.   My anger is the strength that kept me going through some really dark times.  I had a lot to thank that anger for and realising this and acknowledging it, released the shame and fear of it.  Without that anger I wouldn’t be here today, it has a say in who I am.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise’s Creating Creativity® coaching programme?

Reading this back, I haven’t mentioned my art or my photography business and you may be thinking what has my experience so far got to do with creativity?  Everything.  I have started drawing and painting again.   I have the confidence to photograph and edit an image to my version of the story.  I enjoy creating again.  I create from a different perspective.

Clare-Louise is honest and insightful, and is totally committed to you on your creative journey.  Her approach is individual to you and she instinctively knows what is needed for you.  We are all at different points on our creative journey. That said, it is hard work, I was present and honest, and committed to doing all the work in between sessions, a lot of which is still ongoing work in progress.  I’ve overcome some extremely raw emotional blocks.  The best thing is I’ve had an amazing coach with me every step of the way, and I know this is who I am.