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Falling In Love Again


Falling out of love with our business can be catastrophic for any creative business owner. When we don’t show up as our authentic selves it is easy to lack the motivation we need drive our businesses forward. Our business can become lethargic, blocked and stagnate, the downward spiral of overwhelm and producing mediocre work can leave us feeling insecure and unfulfilled and our business loses its voice.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, as the business owner, you are at the heart of your business and the heart of your business is you. Your business can only go as far as you can take it. It is vital that you bring all parts of you together if you want to build a soulful business that aligns with who you are and what you do to thrive.

When all parts of us are in alignment we have a renewed vision and passion for our business, we are able to take it to it’s next steps, blow away the cobwebs and see it with new eyes. By aligning what we love in our business, our talent and our creativity, as we stretch and grow ourselves – we stretch and grow our businesses.

Creating space for our authentic voice to be seen and heard enables us to create the visibility for our business that our clients believe and trust in, it gifts them the certainty and confidence in what they will receive from us as a business; and us as the business owner the confidence of what we will deliver, which, ultimately enables us to get out there and show up in our business passionately, confidently and with love.

Love is the new economy.

Meet Helen, a soulful business owner with a wealth of talent, experience and insight to offer. When she accessed her creativity and allowed it to show up authentically in her accountancy business her whole perspective changed, her passion returned, she moved through her blocks and her creativity and higher order thinking flows through her business, impacting her clients businesses in positive and meaningful ways.


“This really focuses you on what your business is with clarity and direction” Helen White



Why did you book on The Creatives Retreat?

I was blocked in my business, originally I booked to focus on my dream photography business, however the biggest block that was holding me back from this was my stagnated accountancy business and the big block I had around that.

What was the biggest value?

Realising I had a passion for my accountancy business. Understanding how different roles of my personality connect me to my business, which roles impact my business, my creativity and my personal life. Finding out my archetypes and understanding how they can positively lead and stretch my life, how others see me and have that freedom to be. I now have more clarity about the whole of me and a clear direction of how to move forward in my business.

What would you tell others?

There is such connection and flow throughout the whole 4 days. Each day leads into the other, enlightening you, challenging you, growing you. If your intuition has brought you to Clare Louise, follow it.


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