Julia Hope – Creatives Retreat


Relight Your Fire


As soulful creatives we are creatures of deep feeling, sensitive to all that is around us. We pick up easily on other peoples energies and what’s not being said, negative surroundings impact us on a deeper level and we often find our self taking on the load as if it were our own, carrying energy with us that isn’t ours – blocking us access to the power of our true self and our authentic creative flow.

It’s important to master the ability of recognising, protecting and maintaining our own energy, to take ownership of who WE are whist recognising whats not ours to carry.

By regularly connecting to who we are and disconnecting to the energy of others, we learn to learn to hand back whats not ours hold and to trust, protect and maintain what is. After years of carry others energies as if they were my own, I know first hand the detrimental effect this can have on us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and creatively. It drags us down and can become paralyzing to our well being and creative performance, impacting our business success.

Learning to recognise and release myself from that stuck energy has been key to my own personal growth, unlocking my authentic creative flow and has contributed greatly to taking those transformational steps of much needed change.

As we step into the fullest expression of our self, reconnecting to the part of us that we can often feel is missing, we experience a life changing shift, unblocking the connection to our creative resources, relighting our fire and filled with renewed passion and creativity we access the new lease of life as creativity begins to flow from the essence of who we are.

  Meet Julia, a powerful creative who is profound, deep and soulful, she shares her experience of reconnecting to her true self and the journey The Creatives Retreat took her on.

“Seeing people grow from day one right through tho the last day of the retreat has been an incredible experience” – Julia Hope




Why did you book on The Creatives Retreat?

I was totally blocked in so many areas of my life, especially artistically, when I saw the retreat it seemed to answer everything I was looking for.

What has been the biggest value of the retreat?

I have felt a body and mind shift, I’m really excited about my life moving forwards. I have found a clarity moving forwards and have come into my own.

What would you tell others about the retreat?

Stay in the moment, even when its uncomfortable. Be open-minded, this is a unique experience of understanding who you are as a person and a creative. Your life is about to change, this is powerful in unblocking creative energy; and whilst it will challenge you to your core it will literally change your life. You will connect to the truest part of your self and feel really clear about your next steps. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone whose feeling lost, stuck, blocked or if you want to find out who you are and who you are growing into.



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