Karen Massey

Why did you book on The Creatives Blueprint Workshop?

After previously doing a day workshop, I knew this would be something my RISE members would benefit from.

Tell us about your experience? 

It was a great experience, very emotional but by the end of the day, refreshed and refocused.

What was the biggest value?

To focus on what matters, to stop worrying about the small things and to trust my intuition. Self belief!

What would you tell others about this workshop? 

This workshop was incredible for unlocking thoughts hidden about your self and your business. The way in which this workshop is delivered, not only looks into your business but also your own stumbling blocks.. The way you work, unlocks what everyone needs to believe in themselves and release the full potential of their business.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?

Clare Louise has an incredible talent, never experienced with any other coach or mentor I have known, A sixth sense for unlocking a persons full potential both personally and professionally and to me these two things go hand in hand. Clare Louise has had a profound effect on how I view myself, others and business. Anyone who truly and honestly wants to progress and move forward in whatever stage they are in their creative journey, shouldn’t hesitate to follow their dreams, everyone deserves them and Clare Louise guides you to make them a reality.

Have the last word … what else would you like to say?

Don’t think about it, do it, if you are wondering IF this is right for you, there is already something there to unlock, you just need to be brave enough to be honest with yourself and take the first steps to growing your business. I cant thank you enough x