Kathryn Chapman – Shooting With Soul – My workshop experience with Clare Louise Creating Creativity®

Kathryn Chapman – Photographer : ‘Shooting With Soul’ Review

Why Shooting with Soul – what did you want out of the workshop?

Shooting with Soul sounded unlike any other workshop I had come across and, having worked with Clare Louise both 1-2-1 and in a masterclass session at the SWPP conference, I knew it would be exciting, challenging and new. I wanted to access my creativity as a photographer so I could start to reveal what was inside – I never quite thought I’d feel as empowered and as creative as I do since the workshop.


Tell us about your experience of the day?

The day took me to every place I wanted to go creatively but never thought I would, plus it pushed me further – through my fears of failure and the discomfort of ‘getting things wrong’. It highlighted how fueled I am to create something new every time I shoot and it taught me how to go deeper into my soul to discover more creativity than I believed I could. Over a week later, I’m still processing everything that went on and I hope to continue to be changed by what I learnt both about myself and working with a team.


What was the biggest value from the day?

Working with a team of models and make-up artists. It was such a privilege to be amongst such talented people, all after new creative experiences. Plus, living my favorite shoot ever – being so present and connected with the model and our surroundings was eye-opening.


Whats changed for you since the workshop?

I will never shoot in the same way again – I will trust my instincts more than I ever have and I will storm on bringing to life all the visions of creativity I have. I feel my professional life has taken on a massive and fundamental shift – a huge new world of possibility has opened up for me. What’s changed for me most is finding the excitement and energy for my work again but this time it has so much more meaning. I’m allowing my creative essence the freedom to be whatever it wants and I trust it completely and it’s fun to see what comes out – it’s a bit like watching a movie in my head. I know that if I put the right energy into a shoot, the good stuff happens and the great stuff emerges without even realising it. I never thought that confidence would feel so good! I trust myself and respect the professional in me. It makes so much sense that personal and creative development run side by side and the fact that it explodes into every aspect of my life is such a joy. I have been understanding more and more why you do your work! It’s so wonderful.


How do you feel you have grown creatively?

I now know how much more I have in me; how much more I have to give to my work and how much more I can be honest and bear witness to my creative ideas.


How did the workshop empower you personally?

I now believe that I can achieve anything in my work and I realise how much I’ve been holding myself back with the fear of failure.


What would you tell others about Clare Louise?

CL is kind, genuine, patient, very challenging and hugely passionate about helping others access their creativity. She creates a safe environment to allow people to be themselves and has an incredible ability to be present with people in a way that helps them access themselves in a much deeper way.


Who would you recommend this workshop to and why?

Those who are ready and willing to go to the next level of their creative work; those who are happy to get it wrong so they can get it even righter (lol) and open themselves up to their own possibilities.


Have the last word …

CL – Can we be friends forever?

Shooting with Soul is an extraordinary workshop that will give you an understanding and take you to places within your yourself that you hadn’t imagined. This will result in deep personal learning and a professional creative shift.

Each photographer has the opportunity to work with three sets of models and make-up artists where you join forces on styling and vision. Through a series of exercises before each shoot CL helps unlock what is holding you back in your creativity and shows that your potential is only hindered by your own limits and fears. As a result, each shoot becomes more and more intense and meaningful.

CL has a brilliant network of talented people that she brings together to facilitate meaningful training in a safe and supportive environment. Coupled with incredible costumes, props and location, everything about this workshop is stunning and inspiring.