Kelly Taylor – Shooting With Soul – My Workshop Experience with Clare Louise Creating Creativity®

Kelly Taylor – Make-Up Artist : Shooting With Soul Review

Why ‘Shooting with Soul’ – what did you want out of the workshop?

I was entering the unknown doing this workshop. I thought it was really for photographers to help with their creativity and use Clare Louise’s experience to help with this. As a makeup artist I thought I was to come along and do as I was instructed to help them achieve this.


What was your experience of the day?

Our first instruction was ‘OK – talk to your model and photographer and create something!‘ My first instinct was to hit Pinterest and look at makeup looks that had already been done. I was so nervous. The makeup I created in the first shoot was good but I knew I could do more. I wanted to please the photographer and the model. Whilst the first images were fantastic, I knew looking at the images I could have given more, I could pick fault and had that wish that I had done ‘this or that’.

After this first shoot was where the magic happened, we were instructed to listen, connect and spoke to one another, to trust each other and believe in the skill set we each had. I faced my own enemy ‘ME’ – I am my own worst critic and I never trust me! How can you succeed if you don’t believe and trust in yourself?? From that point on I NEVER picked up my phone once to plan a makeup look, this was a big thing for me, I only used my phone to capture the day. I believed in me and my skills, listening to the team around me, the images we created were magnificent and it was all MY own work that I placed on the models face and body – my work, my skills, my self belief.


What was the biggest value from the day?

I found me! I learnt the best lesson ever … to trust ME. I may make mistakes, but these are great lessons to learn from and move forward with.


Whats changed for you since the workshop?

I have new eyes, It feels like a new lease on life. The images I will create will be my research and my skills, an experimentation of success’s and mistakes.


How do you feel you have grown creatively?

I want to do more, I don’t feel I will approach ‘A Job‘ as ‘A Job‘ anymore, it will be a collaboration of skills to ensure the image means something and will best reflect all the team.


How did the workshop empower you personally?

In the past I never believed in myself, I always praise others and give them feedback on how to improve, but I never really listen to my own words of critique and praise. I was very nervous of failure – to the point where I would never push myself further to get more, I only dipped my toe in the water to see the ripples. Now, nowI dive bomb to see the waves!


What would you tell others about Clare-Louise?

Listen, be honest and watch the magic happen.


Who would you recommend this workshop too and why?

Any creative that has lost their way or wants to create true art that captures a 1000 words.


The last word: Clare-Louise, Thank you, If I could give and say more I would as there are 1000 words to express gratitude but Thank you fits perfectly. I have been on hundreds of training course and on the majority of them came away feeling good about the image I captured or the work I produced, though I never thought about the course again – I just carried on. This can be said about the shoots and work I completed in the past, It feels good at the time and I just carry on.

This course is completely different to any other and has had a major impact on my life. I came away with new eyes and perspective of my life and how I want it to change. I did not want the day to end. Even the most skeptical would find something from the day. I walked away with the best images I feel I have ever created and I still want to achieve more and have amazing images in my mind that I’m now itching to create!