Looking back over my shoulder – Kathryn Chapman

Are you stuck - tired of standing in your own way?

It's never easy trying to find your way out of the rut, to move through the blocks, especially when you are standing in your own way. Most creatives never realise that their limiting beliefs, their saboteurs are the block, and if they do know they struggle to know where to find the right help them move through what's holding them back. They often find themselves focusing their attention on all the wrong things, buying new toys, starting new projects, all whilst procrastinating, avoiding or unaware of the real issue - I understand, I've been there, done that and have worn the obligatory t-shirt.

 I met Kathryn over 2 years ago and have loved working with her ever since, seeing the transformation has been incredible - she's creating change ... one step at a time, being her own difference, leading her life and her business as an authentic creator - and in doing so, she's opening herself up to her wildest dreams and having the confidence to get out there and make them happen.

"My business is no longer apologetic - I think bigger, I aim higher and I push my boundaries from a place of authentic values and meaning - I have more confidence in who I am and where I want my business to go, and I'm achieving things I never imagined possible"


Here's Kathryn's story :



Why did you contact Clare Louise?
I had been looking for a mentor for years - I didn’t know what I wanted in one, but I knew I'd know the right one when I found him/her. I met CL at the SWPP conference in 2018, I went along to her Masterclass as it sounded different to all the others - there was something unique there and I wanted to find out more. Her class was amazing and afterwards I contacted her about working on a 1-2-1 basis.

What was the biggest challenge you were facing?
I was going through a massive period of personal development when I started working with CL - she coached me through a difficult self-portrait shoot that I had been wanting to do for a few months. She gave me some great insight into how I could make it better and challenged me to step into the difficulties and own them. From that point, I knew I wanted to learn as much as I could from her.

How have you worked with Clare Louise and what areas have you worked on?
I have attended her Shooting With Soul one-day workshop where my creativity got a massive boost through tapping into creative connection and I haven’t shot the same way since. I also participated in CL’s online space 'Building a Business With Soul' where we are taken through the steps needed to align your business with your values and purpose - this was very detailed and hugely eye-opening and my business looks completely different today. I’m constantly reviewing and refining what I do to ensure I’m working from a place of authenticity and passion, it’s such a wonderful space to create and run my business from. I've had other 1-2-1 sessions when I feel that I’ve needed her creativity, intuition and support for particularly important pieces of work and I do as many of the group work sessions as I can in the Creating Creativity Facebook group such as the Peer Group Coaching and Creative Conversations. I also attended her Creatives Retreat where I spent four immersive and life-changing days, where CL facilitated her magic in all it’s glory - it’s quite breathtaking!

How has working with Clare Louise impacted you, your creativity and your business?
Working with CL has changed me, my creativity and my business. I know myself better, I constantly challenge myself to listen to what my intuition is telling me and to apply that to all areas of my life. My creative photography now feels more like art than photos - she has given me the tools to understand my inner critic and space to allow me to access what else is inside of me, waiting to have a voice. My business is no longer apologetic - I think bigger, I aim higher and I push my boundaries from a place of authentic values and meaning. Also, what came out of the self-portrait shoot has turned out to be pivotal for me personally and professionally - it unlocked a lot of my own ‘stuckness’ and from it I have developed a creative tool to help women suffering from mental health issues and have gone on to speak about my work on podcasts, showcase it in exhibitions and have been in talks with MIND about my work and how it is helping women reclaim their lives.

Face to Face is my opportunity to serve other women in such a beautiful, powerful way and the process came entirely from me having the courage to face myself and accept who I am. I am living my dream, I am on purpose and I have finally found my voice.

Looking back to when you first started working with Clare Louise, how far have you come and what have you done differently?
I’ve come a very long way working with CL - she has given me permission to challenge the things that don't serve me and to do things differently. Her teaching has had a ripple affect and I’ve changed lots of other things in my life because I now know I can; I am often the one thing that stops me doing what I dream of. I have more confidence in who I am and where I want my business to go. I approach everything in my life differently by constantly asking questions like, ‘how does this serve me and my business’, ‘is this really the best that I can be and if not, what do I need to access to be able to be my best’, ‘is this my truth ' etc

CL is a beautiful constant on my journey with unwavering support and belief in me.

Whats the biggest difference?
I have begun to relish putting myself in very uncomfortable (but safe) situations with CL as she unlocks my blocks and allows me to be who I truly am - something I’ve never been able to do before. This is where I get my deepest and most meaningful personal change which is then reflected in everything I do. I have made meaningful and life-long connections with people I have met on her workshops. I have a confidence now that I used to only dream of.

What would you tell others about Creative Leadership Coaching?
It’s brilliant - challenging, insightful, intuitive, fun, creative, detailed, thought-provoking and life-changing.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?
She’s a magician. I’ve never met anyone like her before - she has incredible intuition and you can trust her with your life. She is non-judgmental and creates a very safe space to play, explore and dig deep.

Who would you recommend Creative Leadership Coaching to and why?
I would recommend CL to any creative who wants to tap into their more, to reveal all the wonderful things they know are waiting to come out and all the wonderful things they never knew were there.

Have the last word - what else would you like to say? 
Thank you. Working with CL has been one of the best and most important decisions of my life.




You can watch Kathryn's video testimonial from The Creatives Retreat 2019 here:


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