Maggie David

Why did you choose coaching?

It is the best method I have encountered to develop self awareness, gain clarity on one’s life meaning, purpose, values, building inner strength and living life at full potential.

What was the biggest impact of working with Clare Louise?

Acknowledging the areas in my life that still needed work on, going through very painful emotions, processing them and finding ways to build from there strongly and positively. I was carrying a very heavy past burden and I found the ability to leave it behind so I can continue on my journey feeling lighter.

When did you start to see the benefit?

Right during the first session.

What was the biggest value?

I felt truly seen and connected with Clare Louise. At times, Clare Louise articulated that she felt some things that I hadn’t even expressed yet and I was blown away as she was describing exactly what I was feeling, the connection felt almost surreal. I was challenged to go places I avoided and from there I gave myself permission to start healing. I opened myself up in a very vulnerable way and it felt so wonderful to be able to trust my coach and to feel safe and not judged, acknowledged and championed.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?

It is not everyday that someone who you haven’t even met once sees you as you are. Clare Louise is a fantastic coach, insightful, intuitive, with an incredible ability to connect with your deeper self. She is warm, kind and caring and at the same time challenging in service for her clients, the best partner one could wish for on a journey into self exploration.

Who would you recommend this coaching to and why? 

Anybody who has a dream, who is in a transition phase, who wants to explore painful emotions, who needs to brainstorm ideas to achieve a goal. Anybody who wants to develop self awareness, this part should be mandatory. Why? Because I believe Clare Louise is a coach with a very broad range, versatile and hugely impactful.