Mark Bailey – Retreat Delegate Italy 2019

Super Man


I love working with creatives who are devoted to doing the work … even when it’s challenging and uncomfortable. As a coach I want to get deep and really challenge people to break through those blocks and unleash the power within. Connecting others to their authentic creative self, their very own super powers – so they can see themselves for who they really are and what’s possible, is really important to me. Why? … so they can stop living a life that’s defined by the fast pace, demands, challenges and frustrations of being a business owner and the limiting beliefs that come with being a human whose constantly doing.

Working with Mark has been such a meaningful experience, witnessing the transformation as he beams from within, thriving whilst doing what he loves. We spent 5 days together at The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography Retreat in Italy, a retreat I was invited to co-create with Melanie East, one of the UK’s leading newborn photography trainers and safety experts.

He’s fun, dedicated to doing the work involved so he can follow his dream, he’s honest with himself and those around him, but most of all he has the courage to do what it takes … to do what it takes. He’s superman wearing a creatives heart stepping up and out to be his own hero.


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“I was caught up in a loop, a never ending loosing battle, confused, de-motivated, depressed with no drive …” – Mark Bailey



How have you worked with Clare Louise and what areas have you worked on ?

I’ve worked with Clare Louise at the retreat in Italy and it completely caught me by surprise – I went to work on purely business but ended up being both business and personal; with which the business has seen a much bigger impact due to the personal improvements made – not to mention the improvements in my life.

What was the biggest challenge you were facing when you worked with Clare Louise?

The biggest challenge for me was talking about my feelings out in the open and realizing what was holding me back. I’m a very closed person, a lot like my father, and coming from a family of 5 boys who never talk about anything emotionally, this was very much out of my comfort zone. I learnt a lot about myself that I was unaware of, and I’ve been able to come away from the retreat with almost the reset button being pressed. I feel more focused on everything both personally and in business.

How has working with Clare Louise impacted you?

I see things in a different light now, and take time to enjoy the little things a lot more. I’m happier within myself and this impacts my every day life, both personally and working.

Looking back over the last couple of months – what’s changed?

Previously I had got caught in a never ending loop and was focused just on the financial aspect of everything – I was losing myself in a battle I would never win. Now I’m doing things that matter and that make a difference. I’m enjoying things again and this is now bringing me the success I was after. Don’t get me wrong, there’s been a lot of hard work and there is a lot still to go – but I’m enjoying the journey again.

What is the biggest impact?

Biggest impact…. life. Sounds so cheesy saying that, but I certainly wasn’t happy before the retreat. That was obvious to me and everyone else around me … but I had no idea how to change that. The retreat was exactly what I needed, but not what I asked for. I came on it thinking it would be nothing but business, which would of been a terrible idea. It was the perfect mix.

What would you tell others about Creative Leadership Coaching?

It’s one of the hardest things for me to try and describe, as it’s not something I would of booked onto if I had known what was involved.  However it’s been the best thing I’ve done. I needed this course so much just for me on a personal basis, but had no idea that I did. If you’re like I was, lost, confused what to do next, de-motivated, depressed, no drive, stuck… the list goes on… then you need this. The less you know about it the better in my opinion. I went into this with no real idea, and because of that I got something that I can’t quite describe. Reading that back it doesn’t make much sense, but I’d dread to think where I would be right now if you hadn’t come into my life – thanks Clare Louise xx

What would you tell others about Clare Louise?

Cant cook, orders a mean take away (I assume), fun, seriously fun, trustworthy, loving, kind, friendly, amazing. She has a way of seeing you, actually seeing you, past all of the pain and crap that’s there for everyone else, and shows you what is right there waiting to come out.

Who would you recommend Creative Leadership Coaching to and why?

That’s easy, everyone – Clare Louise is a gift, and everyone has something to gain from just knowing her. I come from a long line of men who never talk about anything, tons of brothers and we’re all waiting to take the mick out of each other as soon as an emotion is even mentioned, so opening up just never happens. However I took so much from Clare Louise and if can, then god only knows what everyone else could…

Have the last word – what else would you like to say?

You’ve made me look at life in a whole new light and I’m certainly a lot happier for it. My business is going from strength to strength as I have a new found love for it. Your course has lead into other courses that I wouldn’t of really looked at – the returns just keep coming. You’ve opened up a door for me and I’m not going back.


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 “Clare Louise has redeveloped me as a human” – Mark Bailey