Paula Smart – The Wandering Heart


The Wondering Heart


It’s not easy when we feel disconnected from the part of us that lights us up. It impacts all area’s of our lives and can be catastrophic for creative business owners who are at the heart of their business. It can slow us down, keep us coasting, or worse still … we fall out of love with our business.

Aligning to your creative spark, fueling its flames, giving it permission to be seen and heard is an incredibly empowering way to reconnect to that fire within. The connection to our inner flame is often the part of us that we feel is missing when we feel lost, and, once reconnected, is the driving force we need to take inspired action.

Finding that spark isn’t easy, many creatives look outside of themselves for that connection we crave and the short term fixes can often leave us feeling exhausted, depleted and deflated as we move from one thing to the next in a bid to find it, looking for the answer everywhere else other than within our self. Yet if we listen to what the roaming heart within us is saying, our answers will reveal themselves.

Remembering who we are once we have removed life’s noise, the confusion and stepped outside of the chaos; reconnects us to our truth and in turn, creates deeper connections to our hopes, dreams and creative purpose … gifting us a sense of belonging and meaning in all areas of our lives.

Meet Paula, a devoted creative whose gentle presence is a force to be reckoned with, wild and free Paula creates from her wondering heart, roaming her creative plain from the road less travelled.


“If you are lost and wandering, this retreat will help you gain clarity” – Paula Smart



Why did you book on The Creatives Retreat? I have worked with Clare Louise before and I know how much I got out of that – the retreat was happening at a time in my life when I needed more of that.

What was the biggest impact? Remembering how it feels to drop our barriers and connect with others, myself and the importance of connecting with our clients. Learning different ways to connect with our clients in shoots. Creating a soul map of my business and that clarity that gave me to move forwards.

What would you tell others? Come with an open heart and open mind, prepare to listen and be heard, if you are lost and wandering this retreat will help you will gain clarity and insight.


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