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Is It Time To Break Free?


Facing our fears can often be the biggest obstacle that is holding us back from reaching our full creative potential. It can stop us in our tracks and limit our success. Most people are unaware that there is another way than the current perspective they hold and settle for a life that is limited by their fears, others know they need to challenge their way thinking but don’t know how to do it alone.

I understand from personal experience how those fears can hold us back, dominating everything we do and how frustrating and unfulfilling life is when we live a life where our fears are in the driving seat. Life is no fun when we are sat on the back seat desperate to break free from those ties that bind and shake up our world.

Positive thinking will only get us so far and can often unconsciously become the safety net we hide behind to keep us safe from facing those fears and moving from them. Leaning in, pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone, challenging our own status quo and facing our fears head with courage, truth and love is where our greatest growth comes from, and as we shift that mindset we open up to the greater source of our authentic creativity.

Meet Rebecca, an incredibly passionate creative whose inner rebel comes with an abundance of fierce courage and inner strength, she lovingly breaks down her own barriers and continues to follow her dreams taking each move one bold and courageous step at a time.


“I’ve had a complete mindset change in my approach to life and my business” – Rebecca Suree



Why did you book on The Creatives Retreat?

I was in a crazy creative lull and going through a bad spell, creatively and personally.

What was the biggest impact?

Realising it’s OK to feel the way I was feeling, that I’m not the only one and to learn techniques to challenge what felt like the ‘norm’ for me. Having a complete mindset change that has lasted beyond the retreat, overcoming blocks and fears and coming away with an action plan that I believe in and am excited to move forward.

What would you tell others?

It was simply fulfilling and thought provoking with the opportunity to release a lot of fears. Don’t be scared of challenging yourself, you will find it so rewarding. The techniques on how to connect deeper to your creativity, clients and business are powerful and insightful. Coming away with an action plan to develop a clear, concise list of what to do outside of the retreat is invaluable. The investment in time and money was worthwhile and I would 100% recommend it.

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