The Alchemy Process

The Alchemy Process


What would you tell others about this process? The Alchemy Process was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had with a coach. I knew that I was meant to be exploring this very process with Clare Louise. I had deep cold shivers and this is an always an indication of me being in the right place at the right time.

The process was a complete exploration of who I am, who is my creativity and who is my business. By the end all three of us had merged and I felt more powerful then ever. I understood my creativity and business at a whole new level which helped me to better understand where I need to go. Personally and professionally.

Since I have completed this process my inner fire has been lit and my creativity has exploded. I am receiving compliments from all my clients about my original ideas and they are excited to see what is in store next. I have let go of my fears and people not understanding what I was creating. I have fully embraced who I am meant to become. I have future shoot plans that I am developing as well that are  extraordinary and will bring me as an artist to a whole new level of creating.

Who would you recommend this too and why? I would recommend this to every single creative. This triage go hand in hand. If you want to run an authentic, creative business with your own voice this process is a must.


Elisha Weger : Elisha & Co


What would you tell others about this process? The Alchemy Process is an intensely powerful and remarkable tool.  I was excited to try it.

This process enables you to speak to your business, your creativity and yourself. It empowers all three and provides extreme clarity with what is holding you back and the steps you need to take to move forward. It shows you what perhaps you could not see before. Clare Louise is very skilled indeed at running the process with you.

I found the process intensely empowering and will be implementing the results into my training business. I would very highly recommend.

Melanie East : The Art of the Newborn