The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography – Deana Hewitt

Deana Hewitt Retreat Delegate


Why did you choose The Art and Soul of Newborn Photography Retreat – what did you want from the retreat? I wanted to push myself in my business and more so in my creative side, I have trained with Melanie several times and always come away inspired and with a stronger skill set. Clare Louise’s work is amazing its so much more than a photograph, its a whole new level and I knew the combination of these two amazing women, would inspire me to dig deep and find that higher creative level.

Tell us about your experience of the retreat? It quite honestly blew me away, I expected good, I didn’t expect life changing. It was a full on, truly eye opening experience, one that I have never experienced. I didn’t want it to end.

What was the biggest value? The biggest value for me was finding my inner creative, finding that deep inner part of me that I kind of knew was there but had no idea how to unlock it. Clare Louise unlocked it and it feels amazing.

How do you feel you have grown in your personal, creative and business mindset?  It’s totally changed my outlook in my business and my personal life, something I wasn’t expecting. I now have the vision to create with meaning and soul and I’m so excited about what I will be able to produce. I left for Italy, feeling stressed with life, my business, not knowing how to get where I wanted to be and came home calm, totally inspired and ready for anything.

What would you tell others about this retreat? It was one of the best experiences of my life, beautiful setting, amazing teachers, GraphiStudio were wonderful hosts as always and I made new friends. If you want to find your inner creative then this retreat went above and beyond.

What was the biggest impact? Realizing that what I wanted to achieve was right here deep inside all along, and how to stand out in my business.

What would you tell others about Melanie East? Melanie is a wonderful lady, one I met nearly 4 years ago. She has completely transformed my photography to a level I could only ever dream of. I will always be forever grateful for all her support and believing in me. She is a very kind, generous, obscenely talented lady who will always be special to me.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise? A beautiful, extremely talented soul, a spirit and amazing coach. Clare Louise has the ability to open your eyes, open your soul and really find that inner creative no matter what shape that may take. So calm,  so inspiring, she has shown me that anything is possible and how to create from the heart. I cant thank you enough Clare for helping me see.

Who would you recommend this retreat to and why? Anyone who is really looking to take their business to a new level. Its like no other training I have ever done.

Have the last word…what else would you like to say? I just want to thank you both for being you, for all your hard work. I cant even put into words what this retreat has done for me on a business and personal level. You are amazing!