The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography – Kristy Kruper

Kristy Kruper Retreat Delegate


Why did you choose The Art and Soul of Newborn Photography Retreat - what did you want from the retreat? I am a photography student in the United States, and drawn to the work created by a few well known newborn and children photographers in the UK. But rather than copy anyone's style or replicate their creative genius, I wanted to explore a way to find my own inner creative. I felt this workshop would be the perfect way to learn from a newborn photographer whose work I admire, to learn the ins and outs of high end newborn photography and business, but at the same time work with a creative coach that would help me discover my own path and vision. There is nothing like this offered back home in the US/Canada (that I could find) and I felt it was something truly unique and worth the travel costs.

Tell us about your experience of the retreat? It was many things, to be honest. It was an intimate learning experience. It was a safe space to explore and learn (and from some of the best in the business). It was one on one attention in a warm, nurturing environment. It was instructors who were generous with their time. It was powerful lessons taught both by power point instruction and practical hands on camera work with real clients. It was observing firsthand how delicate and safe a newborn photography session should be. It was learning the importance of being authentic with an artistic vision true to yourself and your clients. It was a well laid out program full of material covering all the business basics. It was a small, special circle made with other like-minded artists. It was a beautiful and serene location. It was a lot of inner work and reflection. It was self discovery, and connection, and magic.

What was the biggest value? The seamless flow of classes which taught both the technical aspects of newborn photography/safety and the creative/artistic side. It was the perfect balance, kind of like two workshops in one.

How do you feel you have grown in your personal, creative and business mindset?  I feel complete. Not just as a creative, but in other aspects of myself as well. I am filled with purpose, and I can find inspiration in just about anything now. I feel ready to start my own business doing what I love -photographing babies and children- the minute I am done photography school.

What would you tell others about this retreat? It was powerful and amazing. It definitely helps you spring forward in all the right directions. Melanie and Clare Louise go over and beyond to give you the tools to take your craft to the next level. There is so much quality and relevant material. And due to the small class size, you really get the personal attention you need. You are not just another face in the crowd, like other workshops.

What was the biggest impact? I walked out feeling transformed into a whole and complete creative, not just a newborn and family photographer capturing cute snapshots. I feel deeply connected to the art and soul of not only my future business, but also of my own being.

What would you tell others about Melanie East? She is amazing at what she does. It was an honor learning from one of the best. Her work is stunning, and she really opens up about her creative process and the stories she is telling through her images. She is a kind soul with a gentle heart, and together with her smart business approach, is a true inspiration for those of us who admire her talent.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise? Clare Louise is a treasure. She is an extraordinary creative spirit, a bright light and a breath of fresh air. Clare Louise has a calming and understanding personality, with a real knack for human connection. She is a passionate soul who thrives watching others discover their own authentic selves. She is fully committed to helping us all reach our fullest creative potential and will help you find that inner light/voice matter how quiet it is.

Who would you recommend this retreat to and why? Anyone looking to make their own way in the newborn niche, or to anyone in this field who might be feeling uninspired, or that something in themselves or business is missing.

Have the last word...what else would you like to say? Thank you for dreaming up this workshop. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be...and then some. Both Melanie and Clare Louise brought their all, and with that...we found the magic of newborn photography. It's a continuum of newborn safety, skillsets, connection with families and ourselves, and letting our own inner light inspire us. This workshop truly lives up to it's name.