The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography Retreat – Mark Bailey

Why did you choose The Art & Soul of Newborn Photography Retreat – what did you want from the retreat? I wanted to learn from one of the very best newborn photographers – and also learn how to be more creative within my self to produce my own masterpieces for my clients just like Melanie does.

Tell us about your experience of the retreat? Incredible – this course gave me so much more than I ever expected – I thought I was coming to learn the photography side of things but learnt so much more about my business and even more about myself. What I’ve learned and experienced on this course can never be taken away – and I’m a better person for it too.

What was the biggest value? Connection – learning how powerful that word actually is and how it influences every part of my life, both working and personal. Being connected to my clients on a new different level has such an impact on my photography and ultimately my sales.

How do you feel you have grown in your personal, creative and business mindset? I’m happy again – I love my job and my life. I have come away from the course with so much actionable information and ideas – it’s like having my eyes opened up again for the first time in such a long time and I’m seeing things in a new light. We are now making changes that we certainly wouldn’t of before the retreat. The fire is back.

What would you tell others about this retreat? You can’t afford not to do this retreat. I know that’s such a cliche but it’s so so true… what we have learnt and experienced on this course can’t be described or simply passed on. The whole thing has been a journey of discovery in both business and self – and the two are more intertwined than I ever imagined. The changes I’m making because of this retreat are having a positive effect on both my business and life. I will be on the next retreat.

What was the biggest impact? Learning that there is so much more involved in my career than just taking exceptional images – it’s the whole experience and ultimately the connection that I make with my clients. Getting this right is what my job is all about.

What would you tell others about Melanie East? (She Ironed one of my shirts!) Only joking… (but she did)… This lady is fantastic, her vision and ability are truly inspirational. The thought process she puts into every shot in every shoot is why she is at the top of her profession. I have a very long way to go with my photography but I certainly have a goal; and that is to be as creative as Melanie East – and with what she has shared with us all at this retreat, she has given us the ability to go and make a name for ourselves.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise? (Be careful… she’ll make you run round the room!) This lady is something else – where do I even start? Her expertise, skill, knowledge, everything about her is next level stuff! There is a reason she is regarded one of the greats within our industry and the passion she brings with her in everything she does is why she can do what she can do. Clare Louise has taken us all on a journey from day one right though to the end of the course and it is something that we are still on today. I’ve learnt what it’s like to be on the customer side, how to connect, how to create, how to inspire, how to live and how to make sure all of this comes through in my photography. I can’t thank her enough for what she has given me.

Who would you recommend this retreat to and why? Everyone – I have a studio with 8 of us working there and we are seeing such great benefits from the course. I’m jealous of the people who are starting out now and have the opportunity to experience something like this at the beginning of their career – I’m 10 years in – what I wouldn’t give to have had this available to me at the start – where would I be today?

Have the last word … what else would you like to say? A massive thank you to both Melanie East and Clare Louise for putting such a fantastic course together and sharing what you have with us all. The retreat you have put together is so much more than I was expecting – I was hoping it would help me make some changes in my business – instead you’ve changed my life.