Tiffany Campbell

What was you struggling with before working with Clare Louise? I had a lot of anxiety about not taking action on my work. It was all in my head but I had too many ideas without a single vision, plan or support. I didn’t know how to communicate about my ideas or find a way to actualize them, and I didn’t understand my value as a photographer. I wanted to jump into the work at the end game and just be the great thing I envisioned without making mistakes in the beginning and getting messy.

What had you tried previously ? I tried making business in other genres except the one I wanted. I took a few technical workshops – and there will always be that – but what good is it without knowing yourself and who you are as an artist? I tried asking friends and acquaintances to model for me but people didn’t jump at the chance the way I expected them to, and that always baffled me. Why weren’t people taking me up on my gift to photograph them? Well, I hadn’t defined my joy and I wasn’t asking the right people.

How long have you been struggling for? I had put my photography work on the back burner for a long time – for years - for other things for so many reasons: because my children came first, because of travel or moving, because I thought I had to learn photography through the wrong genre. Really, I just needed to get busy doing what I wanted to do.

Why did you decide or feel Clare Louise could help? I didn’t go looking for a coach but I came across Clare Louise via another photographer she coached, and I immediately knew I could benefit from an expert like that. I’ve always thought that there is no set path for an artist – we have to carve our own way, but I also didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. I wanted some guidance how to go about it. When I saw her website, I was impressed with her depth, insight and loving tone. The absolute moment I knew I wanted to work with her was during the consultation, when she asked the right questions and heard my answers. Then there was no hesitation.

What results have you achieved? The first thing I achieved with Clare Louise was clarity about what I wanted to photograph. Then I learned how ask for it. Then I learned that people will say yes and value me – in proportion to how much I value myself. And it felt great! One of the best things Clare Louise did was patiently bring me to an authentic vision and mission statement. Words bloomed in to a confidence that I now take that with me everywhere I go. With the vision map, we put my business together: goals, portfolio, website, price points, marketing strategies, etc.

Whats changed for you? The anxiety that used to paralyze me was eliminated with action. With the action comes more clarity.

What have you learnt? I have learned how to value what I do, and that there are other people who value it, too. I also learned how to go about it. Some photography I do as a service for other people and for business, and some photography projects I do for myself and for my own satisfaction. That was a really big distinction, yet both pursuits serve each other in a beneficial cycle.

What advice would you give someone who is wondering to sign up to Clare Louise’s coaching? Our answers are already inside of us, sometimes hard for ourselves to access. Clare Louise sure knows how to get to them. For me, she did that by taking time to ask good questions and listen – which is all I ever crave from other people. Then when it came to business matters, I had the all questions and she had all the answers. I will call on her regularly.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise? Clare Louise is an awesome blend of a spiritually intuitive coach, experienced photographer and savy business woman. She’s a bit of an angel, coming to me exactly how and when I needed her with the good thoughts.

Tiffany Campbell