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The Unstoppable Woman


It's important to me that I connect with my clients on a deeper level, this is where the magic happens. I love working with women creatives from all over the world who are ready to take their next steps, soulful creators who are looking for that deeper connection within themselves, wanting to connect to their purpose and inner power so they can flow authentically with creativity.

Meet Uta, a soulful creator from Italy who was searching for her authentic voice, she could hear its whisper in her soul, feel the creative call but had no idea how to gain access and unleash the creative power within.  Together we took the deep dive to the inner world, it was a beautiful journey of exploration, we explored the depths of who she is, what lies beneath, and connected to her inner voice, innate power and the woman who is rising, thriving on the mutual journey of becoming.

She is Uta Theile, The Unstoppable Woman, whose inner whisper has grown into the most magnificent roar.

You can read Uta's story here:

"I wanted to reconnect with my inner self, find my voice as an artist, find my creativity again."


Why did you choose Clare Louise's Creative Leadership Coaching?
I was attending Clare’s masterclass in London at SWPP; it was like listening to MY inner self. Everything resonated so much with me and I knew immediately it was what I was looking for, what I was missing for so long ... It was as if she opened a door or had thrown a stone in still water...

I was looking for my own voice and style, to be AUTHENTIC and true to myself, to tell the story, to empower people, to move them with my photographs. I wanted to reconnect with my inner self, finding my voice as an artist, finding my creativity again. I wanted to explore that part of myself I nearly lost on the way ...

Tell us about the sessions?
During the sessions we explored deeper levels of myself, my journey as a woman, photographer and artist - the soul, mission and vision of my business. By providing a safe space to challenge and support my creative growth and journey Clare Louise guided me through visualizations and inner reflections to reconnect to my inner self and voice and helping me redefine my purpose as photographer and artist.

Was there work to do in between each session?
Yes. Clare assigned homework for me to explore on a deeper level the results of our sessions, new creative challenges and reflections to get a clear idea of my photography as an expression of myself, life mission and business.

When did you start to see the benefits?
Right from the first coaching session I was blown away by the power of her visualizations, by her incredible ability to SEE and reveal deeper levels of yourself, her intuition and passion to help you reconnect to your inner self, to dive deeper, challenging and pushing you “What’s next?” and “What’s possible from here?”

What else did you explore?
We explored my inner power, the wisdom we all have in us, the purpose, the real “WHY” I am here and doing what I’m doing, the possible possibilities ...

What was the biggest value?
Self confidence, self value, authenticity and clarity.

What was the biggest impact?
Connecting to my inner self. Knowing I am enough and everything is possible. Feeling empowered and knowing you are on the right path doing what you are doing. It’s was a life changing experience for sure - Thank you Clare for being a part of my journey.

What would you tell others about Clare Louise's Creative Leadership Coaching?
I highly recommend Clare for any creative soul who needs more clarity and self confidence, who
is looking for a positive transformation in business and life and is willing to step out of their comfort zone to explore new levels and possibilities, anybody who needs to be empowered or just wants to connect to their authentic self. Clare will help you to own your power and change the way you see yourself and your business.

"It was an unforgettable life changing experience - thank you Clare Louise"



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