William Andrew – Tribal Gatherings

Your Tribe Matters


It really does. It’s that simple.

Human connection brings complex value to our lives, when we build relationships that have profound meaning we forge a deep sense of belonging, a nurturing and supportive community that helps in our spiritual and creative growth. We create a space where we can be vulnerable, honest, where we can share, reach out, contribute and walk our own path.

Those connections strengthen our ability to thrive, they create a safe space for us to show up in our truth, to own our own power, to be seen and heard on a level that is so refreshing and empowering it activates the fullness of who we are so we can step out in the world without judgement.

Creating that safe space builds trust, accountability and a community of support that lasts way beyond the time shared together. It’s life changing finding your tribe, magic happens here.


Meet William, a man with a dream, whose reconnecting with his passion and taking the steps he needs to make to take him to his future. He’s alive in his photography and passionate about creating a business that enables him to do what he loves and love what he is doing.


“This is an unforgettable, life changing experience that needs to be experienced for yourself” – William Andrew



Why did you book on the creatives retreat? It was what I needed at this time of my life to move ahead in my business.

What was the biggest impact? Listening to others, finding that connection with others, self love and finding the way forward.

What would you tell others? It’s a life changing experience, one not to be missed. You have to feel it and experience it for your self, it will help you take the next step.



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