Wonder Woman – Miranda Kihlstrom


Making Dreams a Reality


Having a dream – a purpose gives our life meaning. It enables us to get out of bed and embrace life wholeheartedly, lifting up those around us, as well as lighting up our own soul. It’s where we feel our most alive and is a mutual journey that not only changes our own world, but that of those around us. It stops us from settling for mediocrity, from being just ‘OK’ and comfortable in the watered down version of ourselves that we often submit too – it pushes us to experience all of who we are and challenges us to grow and take that golden path to fulfillment as we take those new heights that our own potential wants for us.

It’s not easy finding that purpose, and following the dream isn’t a walk in the park either. The road to discovering it will more than likely be filled with many twists, turns, steep mountains and different pathways. Yet as you explore each one, you evolve, you become the fullness of you – and aligning this purpose to your dream is like taking the magic pill you’ve been waiting for and finding the inner rocket fuel you need to take action.

It propels you, moves you into taking action and is the driving force and motivation behind all that you do – gifting you clarity, focus and direction and an unwavering sense of commitment to making your dreams a reality. The wish becomes a must, the I can’t becomes a how can I.

Meet Miranda, a woman on a mission as she connects to her purpose and follows her dreams, doing what it takes one step at a time to make them a reality. Shes courageous, determined, exploring, resilient, shes working it out as she goes along, taking those twists and rising from the turns, shes vibrant, shining a light wherever she goes as she keeps moving forwards, devoted to following her dreams and doing what it takes to make them happen.

“Clare Louise is an inspiration and takes you on a road of discovery that you could never imagine existed” – Miranda Kilhstrom



Why did you book on The Creatives Retreat? I wanted clarity, direction and the focus to make my dreams a reality.  I wanted to find out what was stopping me and break through this so I could get out there and make my dreams happen.

What was the biggest value? Finding my why, what makes me tick, how my values reflect my business and how that affects me and my clients. The Creative Pace exercise was incredible – I learnt the impact of rushing and the value of slowing down. Making my commitments to myself and my dreams was powerful and understanding my clients needs and how my values impact them and my business has been so insightful, inspiring me to take my next steps.

What would you tell others? This has been a beautiful experience, a truly magical place that allowed me to press the ‘pause’ button and really look deeply into what I wanted to create and where my passions truly lay. Clare Louise is an inspiration and takes you on a road of discovery that you could never imagine existed. The time spent in these couple of days peeling back my layers and sharing a safe space with others was memorable and I now feel I can press ‘play’ and know exactly what track and course I want to be on.

Since working with Clare Louise, I’ve come home and changed so much that needed changing in my life, so much positive opportunity has opened up for me, I can’t thank you enough. My confidence and self belief feels unstoppable now that I have clarity and true direction. I love the feeling of empowerment that I came away from the retreat with. In just a few days Clare Louise has really changed my life….I am so excited about my future!