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Your heart is life's navigator ... if it is happy you are going in the right direction

What is Creating Creativity®

Creating Creativity® is a coaching philosophy borne to help authentic creators thrive in their lives, their art and their businesses.

I work with creatives from many sectors, photography, coaches, healers, entertainers, make-up artists, models, artists, chefs, teachers. What they have in common is they usually own their own business or are in leadership roles reliant on their creative resourcefulness and are following their hearts, wanting to show up in the world as their authentic self. They also want to make a sustainable living doing what they love ... whilst still loving what they do.

But in reality, it's never that easy ...

The Magician
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We are all creative. Even when we think we aren't.

Authentic creativity flows when we are connected to the fullness of ourselves.

Creative flow is our peak state and connects us the unique source of unlimited creative resourcefulness we each have within us.

We can use it to find solutions, to access forward and higher thinking skills. We can use it as a form of expression to connect us deeper to the world around us.

We can use it to make the difference we need to stand out in our businesses and connect with our clients.

How we choose to express our creativity matters ... what's important is how we align to, nurture and grow it.

Those of us who are running a business reliant on accessing any number of our creative resources know the importance of being in creative flow and the impact being out of flow has in all area's of our lives and the pain and disruption that often comes with that.

Our lives, our creative output and creative businesses are so closely intertwined, that when any one is out of alignment, the ripple effect is powerful and if not addressed can be catastrophic.


We focus on three core areas:


Creative Block : Understand the root cause of how we limit our creative potential and what blocks our authentic creative flow

Take a deep dive and explore how you get in our own way, limit your possibilities and steal your own creative potential. Together we shine a light on the often unconscious limiting personas that block creative flow, limit creative potential and disconnects us from our authentic creative self.

Creative Recovery : Find your voice. Re-connect to the Creative Self and create deeper connections to the world around you through the power of authentic creativity

As we step into creative recovery we build a healthy relationship with our ego and remember who we are on the other side of our fears, blocks and limiting beliefs. Go deeper and explore how to reconnect to the Creative Self and consciously expand your creative range by exploring the five creative styles

Creative Flow : Understand your creative architecture and unleash your creative potential

When we listen to our creative call and empower our archetypes and inner leadership team we unleash our creative potential. Harnessing our creative energy and channeling it in the right direction enables us to make a difference doing what we love. Explore your creative architecture and discover the magic within.


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Creating Creativity® has a number of resources which works on the whole person at the heart of the business because it recognizes just how powerful change is when approached from this space.

It's about mindset, heartset and feeding the creative soul, designed to get you back in flow so your business and creativity can get into flow too.

It's about maintaining balance whilst in that peak state, stretching our creative range and optimizing the creative growth within our creativite practice and our businesses.

It's challenging you to think big and maximize the fullness of who you are whilst knowing you are enough exactly as you are, even when you can't see that.

It's not for everyone and it's not like any other coaching or training business out there, it has a life of it's own and it's calling for like minded creatives just like you to step inside and feel at home.


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I believe we get the best results when we work with like minded people, when we connect, trust and respect one another. I want to show up to our relationship as the most authentic version of myself and want you to do that too. It's about us connecting on a deeper level, working together, side by side. It's a mutual journey and respect for one another. It's not about me having all the answers, it's about being with you so you can access your heart and hear your own voice no matter how quiet it may be and knowing you don't have to do it alone.

What People Say

Lisa Visser

I was feeling pretty low and despondent about my business. It caused me so much stress and anxiety on a daily basis that the fun had gone out of being a photographer - Clare Louise has a very calming way about her, making you feel that anything you say is not judged but looked at to find solutions. Her coaching has far exceeded my expectations, I’ve found it both healing and refreshing. If you are at a point in your business where you are struggling either running your business or feeling that your creativity has gone, Clare Louise is a wonderful person to go and see. Read more


Kristy Kruper

Clare Louise is a treasure. She is an extraordinary creative spirit, a bright light and a breath of fresh air. Clare Louise has a calming and understanding personality, with a real knack for human connection. She is a passionate soul who thrives watching others discover their own authentic selves. She is fully committed to helping us all reach our fullest creative potential and will help you find that inner light/voice within…no matter how quiet it is.


Elisha Weger

I chose Clare Louise because she has unique qualities that I had never experienced with a coach before. The intuitive nature of Clare and how she understands you is something I have never ever experienced before. I started to see the benefits right after our first conversation. She just got me and what I needed. I'd had a devastating year with my life completely crumbling before my eyes. Clare Louise helped me to find my voice in life again. She could hear the courage and determination in my voice and really helped me to be able to communicate my needs in all areas of my life.