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Resources helping creatives all over the world unlock their authentic creativity, creating work they love.  Unleashing their business potential and elevating their lifestyles. Giving them back confidence, time and mindspace so they focus on doing what they love.

Who is the Creative Leadership Programme for?


Creatives going through change, ready to create change or needs to create change in their life, art or business

Ideal for those who are starting up or need a re-boot

Perfect for creatives who are committed to driving forwards in all aspects of their lives

creative leadership coaching

When looking into business and creative development many creatives don't realize the most important component within both area's is themselves.

You are at the heart of your creativity and your creative business, and at the heart of both of these is you.

Many creatives dont beleive in themselves and are holding themselves back through limiting beleifs, fear, lack of clarity and direction. They know they have to do something but they don't know what.

They feel stuck, lost and find short term fixes over a long term solution adding to the challenges and frustrations as they struggle to realise their potential.

Many creatives business owners are following a passion and don't know how to run or build a successful and sustainable business.

The reality is, most of us started out just following a passion and were never shown how to run a business.

As a result the business never reaches it's full potential.

Find your voice. Authentic creativity is what separates us from the crowd. Yet many creatives invest in learning techniques and copying others formulas, never seeing their own creativity reaching it's full potential.

Understanding who you are as an authentic creator, how to communicate that and co-create from this space are the foundation stones to creating deeper connections with your clients and producing meaningful work that matters.


A successful life as a creative is all about continuous improvement in the area's that matter. Where you will be one year from now will be greatly influenced by the decisions you make today.

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I love creating clarity from chaos and confusion. Shining the light in the dark. It's a skill I've picked up through my own experiences.

I know how hard it can be when everything feels out of control and directionless. How that affects our creativity and how debilitating it can be when we are stuck in that rut and struggling with creative block, unable to reconnect to our passion.

I also know how it feels to not thrive doing what you love and the impact that has in all areas of your life.

I've been on this journey of creative discovery for over 20 years and know just how hard it can be to stay on it and equally how fulfilling it can be when you're in creative flow.

I believe all creatives deserve to thrive, no matter where they are on their journey. That's why I'm committed to helping creatives follow their dreams.

Clare Louise and EmmaLilly
creative leadership coaching

The Power of YOU.

Why live somebody else's dreams when you could be living yours?

You have no idea of what's possible until you explore and empower your authentic creativity

I've developed a number of ways we can work together. If you want to find out more about creative leadership coaching or any of my services, or want to explore if I'm the right coach for you then book a discovery call here.

What people say

Lisa Visser
This coaching is life changing. It has made me look at my business and myself so differently. I really understand myself better. It has given me so much more faith in myself. Clare Louise is an amazing coach and mentor and has such an intuitive and wonderful way with people  ... read more

Amanda Trotter
I have been feeling lost for too long. Clare Louise helped me realise it's OK to ask for help, that I don't always have to struggle and do things on my own. If you are thinking about Clare Louise's coaching, stop thinking about it and just do it. It will change your business life and personal life for the better. My creativity has been running free ... read more

Michele Sinclair

I am blown away on the impact this coaching has had on me and my business. Clare Louise has this amazing talent to listen, understand and take something that seems so complicated and make it make sense. Her ability to listen and get you relaxed and comfortable to open up is incredible more

Deana Hewitt

A beautiful, extremely talented soul, a spirit and amazing coach. Clare Louise has the ability to open your eyes, open your soul and really find that inner creative no matter what shape that may take. So calm, so inspiring, she has shown me that anything is possible and how to create from the heart. I cant thank you enough Clare for helping me see.

Elisha Weger

Clare Louise helped me to find my voice in life again. She really helped me to be able to communicate my needs in all areas of my life. Working with her is life changing and absolutely what I needed to put me on the track of success.

Christina Lauder

The coaching provided by Clare Louise has enabled me to stop seeing excuses and start seeing ways to achieve my goals. By looking at things differently and in ways I would never have thought of myself, I now have tools to suppress the negative voices and carry on a more positive and determined path. Her voice will remain in my head, guiding me forward for some time to come.

Melanie East. The Art of the Newborn.

I am right in the middle of launching a new business project. When launching something new it is very easy to become overwhelmed, scared even - yet Clare Louise has an incredible ability to keep you grounded and help you plan the next course of action calmly and sensibly. She breaks down any barriers you feel you are facing and understanding there may be fear, yet gives you the strength that you can break through those barriers, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Clare Louise is able to evaluate exactly what help is required and how to assist you to put that into practice.  Her business coaching is invaluable to me and I would recommend her very very highly indeed.  She has a special kind of magic.

Rebecca Suree

Clare Louise seemed to get deep into the darkest parts of my brain and pulled out my anxieties, which was a huge release. Reconnecting with myself was a massive challenge, If you’re struggling with self belief, especially when it is doing something that you are passionate about I would definitely recommend working with Clare Louise.


Mark Bailey

This lady is something else – where do I even start? Her expertise, skill, knowledge, everything about her is next level stuff! There is a reason she is regarded one of the greats within our industry and the passion she brings with her in everything she does is why she can do what she can do. Clare Louise has taken us all on a journey on this retreat from day one right though to the end of the course and it is something that we are still on today. I’ve learnt what it’s like to be on the customer side, how to connect, how to create, how to inspire, how to live and how to make sure all of this comes through in my photography. I can’t thank her enough for what she has given me.

Matt Hall

Clare Louise is unique. Her coaching blends a strong understanding of the power of emotions, energy and human connection with an entrepreneurial and creative rigour. She creates a space for you to grow but at the same time takes no nonsense, lovingly holding you to account. The result is truly transformative.

Inspiring passion empowering the soul

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