It's difficult being a creative entrepreneur, whether you're a start up or established small business, it can often times feel like a lonely world out there. If you're a photographer looking for advice on your photographic skills or your business, I'm here to help. With my extensive knowledge of the photographic industry and photography enterprises, I can help you grow creatively and focus on your business growth. Mentoring is a long term relationship, giving you the confidence that you always have someone to lean on who has your development at heart.

Mentoring, whilst similar to coaching, is a different approach. The role of a Mentor is to focus on capability, provide constructive challenge, manage the task at hand, sharing experiences and knowledge.

With a wealth of expertise to share, having mentored many photographers for over a decade  with creative development, judged global competitions and sat on qualification teams all over the world, as well as implementing processes and systems that set those standards; I have personal experience of your creative journey too. As a fine art photographer, winning over 200 accolades for my work and gaining a Fellowship in Fine art, I understand the journey your are on; the highs, the lows, the frustrations, challenges and fears. I know how it feels to strive for that end goal of creative fulfilment and the importance of pushing yourself to reach your potential. I'm passionate about helping creatives thrive, I know just how frustrating it can feel as you transition through your creative development and am committed to helping you make those all important next steps.

From a business aspect I have the day to day experience of running and growing my own successful photography studio for 10 years. I've scaled my business up and scaled it down, evolved from working with local clientele to national and international commissions working with high profile creative establishments. I've also helped a number of small businesses as a consultant and held a full time CEO role for over 4 years with an international creative organisation, bringing it back from the brink of financial difficulties, strengthened the visual brand online and in print, implemented strategies and processes to bring about better company management and organisational growth.

I love sharing knowledge, expertise and experience for others to benefit from. If you need order, are struggling to make sense of the challenges you are currently facing, need support and guidance then I'm here to help you.

To find out it this is the right approach for you I'd love to hear from you, confidentiality is key, a successful relationship begins with trust.


I've loved working with Clare Louise as my mentor, she's really helped push my photography work to new heights both practically and creatively. Joanne C - Freelance Photographer


Clare Louise has helped me on a number of new business start up projects, guiding me on my branding and business planning and providing much needed support. A pleasure to work with, she oozes with positivity, keeping me on track. She has an inner strength and an uncanny ability to bring calm in stressful and overwhelming situations. MH Business Owner