A Christmas Wish

Dear Christmas

As I Listened to the voice explain the spirit of Christmas and all it meant, I can’t help but think something has been buried underneath the flurry of Christmas and often the pressures it brings … something so simple and yet so important.

The spirit of Christmas, he said was kindness, he explained how Joseph showed kindness to Mary by taking her and her unborn child to Bethlehem, how we exchange gifts with family and friends, along with cards and seasons greetings to show kindness within our communities, how at this time of year people get together to share their home and food and often all that they have, with others – through kindness.

By acting through kindness we come from a place of love, and that love, as the Christmas carol says, brings peace on earth and goodwill to all. And it does doesn’t it … somehow the magic of Christmas changes everything.

Scrooge shows us the lonely side of Christmas and how it feels when we are suffering, when we shut our ‘self’ off, turn from love to fear, greed, doubt and focus solely on our internal pain. There is always, as they say, some one worse off than ourselves, yet if we take a step outside our troubles, we can choose to open our ‘self’ back up to see the kindness in the world around us, focus on whats truly important, feel the love that flows our way and allow that love to flow freely through us to ease our pain and bring us peace … even if only for a while.

And so my wish, Dear Christmas, is that you deliver your essence to all human kind, that each and every one of us feels your love and the magic you hold. That somehow, your spark of light ignites the kindness that lives within us all, and that we take it with us each and everyday … until we meet again.

Merry Christmas one and all, may your days be blessed with a heart that feels much love, laughter and happiness and may your kindness allow you to share that love and help others to find it too.

With Love