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Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen – Micheal Jordan


We all reach points in our lives where we want change, in fact it’s a constant requirement of human nature to grow. Whatever change you may want in your life right now is perfectly normal, be that losing weight, changing jobs, setting up a business, the direction of your business, your mindset, relationships (with yourself as well as others), your creativity, the list goes on. Those changes can often feel overwhelming, the end goal of where we want to be so far away from where we are now that the step to our goal or dream feels too big or too scary. That need for positive change can soon be replaced by feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and fear, dis-empowering us from that place of desire for change, often times debilitating us in our every day lives and our personal, professional and creative growth.

Sitting still and doing nothing can often leave us with feelings of unfulfillment. That stagnation can lead to frustration, bitterness, resentment, anger and so much more. The difference in those who move through those challenging times of change lies in what they are prepared to do to make those changes and make their own difference. Rather than focusing on the resources they lack, wishing for that lottery win or that magic wand to make things magically appear they focus on the resources they have to hand and start taking those steps to create change. So many of us put off the changes we need to make because we are blinded by what we feel we are lacking, we fail to use our creative mind to see what resources we do have to hand and how we can best use them. It is our mindset and how we approach any challenge or change we are facing that will determine the out come.

We can all make our excuses, we can blame external factors, we can constantly live in the past and sit in the mindset of ‘but this … and if only that’.  Whilst we may often find ourselves stuck in situations that aren’t of our making, taking responsibility for getting ourselves out of a situation and creating our own change is where our power lies. We can talk the talk and keep telling ourselves, and others, what we are going to do to make those changes but until we make the decision and take that first step to do what it takes to make that change happen … nothing is going to happen, and we continue to smoke the ‘hopeium’ pipe. Hope is the first step to change and a powerful tool to get us moving, but it is the faith in ourselves to take action where the magic happens.

The distance between your dreams and reality is action – author unknown

Coaching is for those who are ready to take action, for those who are are dedicated to making their own difference to their lives and take those steps to change. Even if you don’t know what that next step looks like, in fact especially when you don’t know what that next step looks like, coaching can be the right step for you.

Creating Creativity® is designed to inspire change from within, to empower those all important next steps, bring clarity and confidence to lead your life from a place of strength. Using your creative resourcefulness to its full capacity in your life and business, creating growth and positive change.


Are you ready ? Take the quiz


On a scale of 1 to 10, rate each of the following statements (if not applicable score 5)

1   2   3   4            5   6   7           8   9   10

Disagree        Somewhat        Agree



I am ready to create more balance in my life and cultivate good habits

I am ready to improve my personal or business relationships and be proud of my achievements

I am ready to make real positive change and get excited about my life

I am ready to find and live my life’s purpose and commit to following my dreams

I am ready to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behavior and start living my potential

I am ready to create plans and take actions to get me closer to achieving my goals

I am ready to achieve a sense of achievement in my life and at work and be grateful for the things that make me happy

I am ready to be kinder to myself and for more fun and happiness in my life

I’d like to work less and make more money doing what I love

I can benefit from accountability and someone who will keep me on track



Under 30 – Coaching is not for you right now. Keep in touch until you are ready to take your next steps and sign up to the newsletter.

31- 60 – Coaching could help you see things from a different perspective as well as develop a plan of what it is you would like to change. Should you decide to take up coaching, make the decision to commit to taking the right action for your benefit or you will not make lasting change. You may benefit from taking Clare Louise’s online course first before stepping into Coaching.

Over 60 – Congratulations – You are ready to create change and Coaching could definitely work for you! Contact Clare Louise now to find out more and if Creating Creativity® is the right coaching programme for you.