Be A Woman In Love … For All Those Looking

With Valentine’s Day just gone and February being the most romantic month in the calender year, I thought I’d dedicate this blog to ‘Love’

It goes without saying that I’m going to use this opportunity to absolutely gush over my recent engagement and say that in my 46 short and well worn years, this Valentines day was my most romantic ever.

The most beautiful diamond ring was placed upon my finger, accompanied by a rather nervous proposal of marriage from a man who has added so much more to my life than I thought possible. My world has taken on new meaning, my life is moving into a new chapter … life, and love really is beautiful.

Am I am woman in love ? Of course I am … but then I always have been.

Having spent the last decade as a single woman, who hasn’t needed a man in her life but wanted one, (and trust me there is a big difference) I’ve kissed more frogs than I can shake a stick at. I’ve met a couple of princes, it would be untrue of me to say any different, yet I never met that one person who was right to step up to love with me … until now.

I can hand on heart stand here and say “I’ve been ‘there’ – done ‘that’ and got ‘the’ t-shirt … in every shape, size, colour, and fabric. I’ve been swept off my feet, I’ve broken my heart, I’ve hurt, I’ve healed and I’ve loved … me.

I’ve loved me more than the person stood in front of me asking me to accept something less than I was worth.

I’ve loved me enough to know that it’s OK to walk away – even when I’ve wanted to stay – because I’ve known that by staying I was accepting less than what I, and the other person, deserved.

I’ve loved me unconditionally and believed enough in me, my wants and needs to know its OK to want more and to wait (as frustrating and as painful as that was sometimes) until it was the right time for my happy ever after.

I loved me comfortably enough to stay strong and stay single – no matter how much loneliness I’ve felt.

I’ve loved me so much that I’ve cried more tears of disappointment than I can remember each time another frog appeared.

I’ve loved me enough to remove myself from people who made the snide, cruel and often vulgar comments that come with being a single woman … and I’ve loved me enough to forgive them.

I’ve loved me enough to be single.

Most importantly I’ve loved me enough to know that it’s OK, it’s OK to be me … it’s OK to get on with my life, to love my life, to understand that there is a beautiful strength to be found in being single … a life changing journey to be had on that road of healing and discovery of self; and a sense of empowerment, passion and greater understanding of life as you fall in love with you like never before … and then you fall in love with another.

So to each and every one of you looking for love … love yourself more, love yourself enough, love yourself unconditionally and unashamedly and know that when you’ve done that … you’ll find all the love you need.

Be your own kind of beautiful x
Life lesson 118 – ‘Give your heart to the person who loves you more than you love yourself’