Be Significant


What are you going to do today to take you another step closer to your goals?

How many of you are going to be distracted by someone or something else that takes you away from your path?

What are you doing to nurture, nourish and empower the creative force that is inside you, so that you, as a creative, can keep taking those steps forward to follow your dreams?

Do you even know what’s possible, do you have a purpose and end goal in mind or are you, like most other creatives out there just winging it?

I remember how it felt to feel like a secret, that I had all this creative energy and nothing to do with it, no real purpose, the frustration, the challenge of finding where I belonged and what I was supposed to be doing with my creativity.

It crippled me, it cost me more than I ever wanted to acknowledge and it left me feeling an emptiness that nothing, no matter what I tried could fill that aching gap and that feeling that something was missing.

That something was me, that something was my authenticity, my creative flow, my purpose.

Here’s what I learnt:

Creativity without purpose is wasted talent.
Creativity is a gift and in it untapped potential.
Creativity is not found in the few, it’s in all.
Creativity is waiting, all you have to do is open yourself up to it and consciously create.

How are you challenging, pushing and making the most of yours?



Wake up to all of who you are.