Beyond The Wall

Beyond The Wall


If you want a better business, you need to be a better business owner. If you want a better life, you need to change your internal conversations. If your creativity isn’t growing … it’s because you’re not growing.

YOU are your most important asset, in your life, your creativity and your business, not your camera, your car, your house, not all the gadgets and gimmicks, the new fandangle ooojymyflip you want this month you, it’s you.

Are you investing in nurturing you, stretching you and surrounding yourself with the right caliber of people to help you grow? Or are you busy feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence and the motivation to really take your life, creativity or business to the place where it has the potential to grow?

I get it, I’ve struggled through those limiting beliefs and the overwhelm that comes from lack of clarity and confidence, I’ve banged my head against that proverbial brick wall that never cracks, despite my lack of trying and burnt myself out doing that. I’ve fallen out of love with my creativity, I’ve lost the passion for what I was doing in my business and I’ve wasted precious time carrying on regardless, doing the same thing over and over again, chipping away, hoping, praying, wishing for that lucky break or for someone to come along with the magic formula that would make everything OK.

I’ve felt that feeling of being so unfulfilled when I was doing something I once loved.

It’s exhausting, it’s tireless, it affects you and ultimately your loved ones, it ends up being that thankless task that feels like it’s never ending, killing your creativity and your passion to boot … I get it, I’ve been there and it’s all part of the learning.


It’s OK. It’s for things to not be OK, no matter where you are, how successful you are or aren’t , if you’re at the beginning of your career or doing great things in your life … it’s OK for things not to be OK.

This last week I’ve been taking time to reflect, reflect on what’s holding me back personally, reflecting on where my business needs to grow, where I need to grow, reflecting on what’s working and what my tribe needs more of and how I can deliver that more.

I’m doing this so I can upgrade my impact … on as many creatives as possible.

Here’s what I’m learning :


Stop being comfortable

So many of us are guilty of sitting in the comfortableness of where we are for much longer than we should. When things are going well we get into a habit of cruising. We become complacent, confident, lulling ourselves into a false sense of security, doing what we know works, thinking we have found our own secret formula.

Comfort kills creativity.

It stops us breaking our own rules, pushing our own boundaries, stretching who we are, comfort keeps us safe.

You want to grow and reach your next level – stop being comfortable.

Keep growing when it’s easier to coast.

Protect Your Personal Gifts

What ever your reason for not making what you love a priority or compromising who you are, stop.

Own your youness. All of it. Even the parts of you you feel holds you back. You can not run from you, you can not hide from those parts of you you do not want to see, embrace them, love them, understand them, create from them, explore them, and most of all, grow from them.

As you scale your craft, as you build your successes, as you stretch your creativity as you lead a passionate life new challenges will show up,  do whatever it takes to protect you.


Successful people aren’t lucky – they make their luck

To lean into your success, it’s not just your routines that drive your results, it’s who you ARE that takes your successes to the next level. It’s your character, your spirit that shows up, digs deep, believes in what you are doing and why. It’s you that needs to be resilient when the going gets tough, it’s you that needs to shift your perspective in the face of hardship and do what it takes to get you to the other side, not your routines, not your endless lists of goals … YOU.

Who you are being creates far more impact in your world than what you are busy doing.


Believe in YOU

Self belief in the face of everyone telling you something won’t work is the difference between wishing something would happen and making it happen. Be relentless in your learning, practice, persist, fail. Fail more times that you can imagine possible and keep being persistent through those failures, constantly creating from them, be consciously deaf to the words of impossible, knowing above all else that I’m possible. Be fearless in that belief.


You are the one you are looking for

I spent most of my life convinced I wasn’t good enough, that the secret to my happiness was outside of me, that I was missing something and that something in me needed fixing. Once I found this thing or fixed this problem I believed my success would come. It wasn’t until I started looking deep within, accessing my core, listening to me on every level of my being and honoring who I am that I finally found fulfillment … when you start making your soul happy, everything flows from there.


‘Figure out who you are then do it on purpose’ – Dolly Parton