Celebrating You

Celebrating You


How often do you take the time to actually celebrate what you are achieving?

How often do you pin your success on the final outcome of whatever it is you are doing? All to often we wait to measure our successes on the opinion of others, only celebrating when we get the prize, the ultimate desired outcome and working tirelessly (and often miserably) towards that.

But what if the prize isn’t the desired outcome? What if the real prize is all in the process of getting there?

I spent years only ever celebrating my successes if whatever I was doing was deemed good enough by others. Waiting for the end result before I would even think about giving my self permission to high five myself and celebrate what I’d achieved so far … and only doing that if I won or reached the end goal!

It was tiring, life was full of either big highs or incredible lows, it was emotionally exhausting. I was continually punishing myself to try harder, never feeling good enough, and when I did, it was momentary. Until I realized it was the process was growing me, taking me to the edge of my creative potential, showing me a glimpse of what was possible, my next level.

Giving yourself permission to celebrate where you are right now in the process of whatever it is you are working towards, is much healthier, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s empowering. It refuels you, inspiring to keep going and following your dreams, it expands your creativity as you nurture your creative soul. It brings loved ones onboard, support and encouragement, from yourself as well as others; and instead of continually striving for more … you become more.


Here’s what I’ve learnt

When you celebrate each step – even in the mess of chaos – you get where you are going quicker and with more energy

Creatives who are committed to being the best version of themselves find inspiration from the small celebrations

Celebrate the down times as much as they up’s … they have the biggest areas of growth in them


What are you celebrating right now?

It doesn’t matter where you are in the process of whatever it is you are doing, it doesn’t matter if you are in the thick of confusion and chaos, take a breath, pause … what are you celebrating right now and how are you going to celebrate it?

Write it down, make that declaration to yourself, for yourself. However you decide to celebrate get out there and do it … just for you!

Let me know what you’re celebrating … I’d love to hear all about it!

p.s … I’m celebrating writing the book I’ve always known was in me … chapter 3, page 52 and growing (on so many levels of my being.)


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