Clarity & Confidence

I absolutely love to know what went wrong. Whether that’s with work projects, personal goals, relationships, action plans, anything that I’ve devoted my whole self too, if it’s gone wrong, I break it down, and keep breaking it down until I find that why.

I also absolutely LOVE to know what I did right. I want to know when I was in flow what decisions I made that worked, what feeds my soul, leaving me feeling out of this world and kept me moving forward, what affirms that I’m just moving in the right direction rather than feeling like I’m forcing myself to make something happen.

I love self reflection, not for too long, not to build my ego or judge and punish myself, to find my next step. To look for those clues that we so often miss when we rush from one moment to the next.

I love to PAUSE

I make space for those reflection times in my diary and I plan my next steps from them, my next big thing. I catch myself quickly enough to be able to stop doing those things that feel like they are clipping my wings or keeping me small. In other words, I’m consistently looking at the crap and working out what I need to stop doing so I can do more of what I love doing.

¬†Here’s what I’ve learnt

The perspective you look at your past from is the perspective that will shape your future

The expectations we place on ourselves and others can often get in the way of creating the changes we want

Guilt does not lead to change – it anchors you where you are

The Stop Doing list is more important to write than the TO DO list

The Start Being List is as equally important as the Stop Doing one

Gratitude is the magnet that pulls you towards more of what you want

Making your what you love a priority is where your power lives


Pause, clear your mind, plan with purpose