Creating Change – reconnecting to you

It’s a beautiful day where I live, the sun is shining, the birds are signing and spring is starting to show its true colours. I’m sat by the river, nature is so full of new beginnings, new endings … new growth.

I’m starting to visualise the retreat that I want to hold, to feel its impact, and I’m thinking about the people who have helped me get to this point in following my dreams. I can not express how important it is to surround yourself with amazing, wonderful people in every aspect of your life.

Nothing is more valuable than your sense of self, your inner peace … nothing! For those of us who have lost it, we know just how expensive that was.


Ways to reconnect:

Love Your Self More, it is only once you love your self that you can truly love, honour and follow your dreams fully, pouring your heart and soul into your life, your art, your business. People who hate themselves leak that out into their world repelling real happiness and attracting more hate, shrinking their chances to true success. Those who love and honour themselves lift up their worlds and all those in it, that love rippling through all aspects of their lives. All success begins from within, by you loving every single part of you enough to say no to what no longer serves you, toxic influences, making sure you are treated well by others (and your self) and when you’re not … doing everything in your power to change that. Nurture your body through rest, nature, healthy food and excercise, sunshine, laughter and love. I’ve developed an online course for anyone looking to take those next steps to loving themselves more. You can access that here.

Forgive what’s Unforgiven, in your self, with people who have hurt you in the past. We can not move fully forward until we let go of our unhealed wounds of the past.

Play, relentlessly. We are living in times where there is so much pressure to perform, to please, to be perfect … get out there and play, messily, unapologetically and have FUN!

Get comfortable with solitude. Switch off the noise and just be. We have so much access to information, sometimes receiving hundreds of emails, messages and notifications each day through social media that we forget to take the time to connect to who WE are that we become distracted, dissonant, uninspired and so overwhelmed that our spirit becomes broken. Make time to be with YOU every day, to enjoy the, silence and being still. I promise you, you will thank yourself for this gift.

As I’m sat by the river, thinking this retreat through I would love to hear about what you want, what can I give you more of? I want to do my absolute best to create something magical, amazing and especially for you.


Keep following your dreams, and whatever you’re doing this weekend … do it with love x