Creating Change

Creating Transformational Change

What changes our whole lives is action, and what moves us into taking action is our decision. Our decision to say NO to what’s holding us back triggers us to take the action to create change.

Without taking action there can be no change. Our decision must be an absolute MUST, not a should, or a will but a must and that absolute MUST … must happen right now!

We all have areas in our lives and businesses that we wish we could do more of and equally that we need to do less of. But how many of us are prepared to go all the way, be bold, let go of what’s holding us back and take that massive action to make it happen, whatever it may be?

The hardest part about making a decision is in the time we spend worrying about making the decision. Our fear is in the gap of what we don’t know.

What we must to do is push ourselves through that fear to make our decision to take the next step, then commit to taking the next step and then the next … before we know it we’ve taken the big leap we were too afraid to take … if only it was as easy as it sounds. I hear you.

We all know of people who have made big changes in their lives at some point or another, you may have made that big change yourself. I have transformed my life through making big changes, whether that was giving up smoking, leaving a relationship, a job, toxic environments and people, moving house, taking full ownership of my creativity, changing the direction of my art and ultimately my business, setting up a new business and taking that massive action to make it all happen.

So what did we do differently when we made that decision? We cut off from indecision, we didn’t tell ourselves we will try, we were in a state of absolute MUST and put ourselves in a state of mind that enabled us to push through the fear of what’s holding us back, make the decision and take action. We accessed our fierce courage and took action from this space and continued to stretch that muscle.

I often get asked ‘What was the biggest change I created that has enabled me to transform my life, my art and my business to where it is today?’ My answer is really simple, it is my relationship with me.

It’s all in our state of mind.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing some simple strategies of how to be in that state of mind to create change and how to create a goal with soul.

Keep creating!