Creative Evolution

Hello, hello, hello!!!

It’s been such a busy autumn as the world has begun to open back up and we’ve been finding our new normal. In that time my email list has grown and I’ve not been posting as often as usual and I wanted to check in and let you and my new subscribers know where I am in my business and what’s coming up.

Like you, lockdown turned my business upside down. I was working 1-2-1 with creatives from multiple disciplines from all over the world. Lockdown created a pause point, gifting me space to put together two programmes so I can reach more people with my work. Those success of programmes have narrowed down my focus and expanded my vision and over the next 12 months I’m going to be realigning and uplevelling so I can make more of an impact doing what I love.

Here’s an outline of where I’m heading :

1) Who I’m going to be speaking too, creating for and working with : passion fueled creatives who are ready to step into their magic, lead with authenticity and build a build a business with soul

Passion : because I work with creators (creatives, healers, coaches/trainers) who are passionate about what they do and are committed to realising their potential and making a difference doing what they love.

Magic : because it is magic, when we are in flow we light up our worlds from the inside and everything in it responds and realigns accordingly, now I’m not saying it doesn’t take hard work, because it does, nor am I saying that I have a quick fix, because I don’t – what I’m saying is that we all have magic within us and, as an authentic creator, it’s this magic that keeps us inspired, expanding and uplevelling. It’s that ability to turn our dreams into reality, our ideas into creations and step into our creative evolution and as soon as we recognise that magic, our potential, the sooner we can start to nurture, protect and cultivate it.

Lead : because its time. It’s time to start asking for what you want and to get out there and make it happen.

Authenticity : because this is what the world needs right now, it needs more open hearted creators who are ready to bring their youness and uniqueness out into the world, make an impact and create deep connections through their work

Soul :

Soul – because the world is changing and as we look for deeper meaning in our lives, our art, our businesses – it’s that soul that enables us to create work that matters
Soul  – because its that expression of ourselves that we yearn for as creatives and that connection to ourselves and the world around us authentically that brings us the creative fulfilment we seek
Soul – because you do not create that masterpiece because you bought a new piece of kit or have a skill you want to make the most of – you create it because it’s in you and it’s looking for a way out
Soul – because whether creativity is a spiritual journey or an expression of emotion that’s flowing through you in any given moment – what’s it’s not is a dot to dot process that’s created from the logic of the head and the confines of our mind
Soul – because soul has purpose, soul has meaning and depth … soul is authentic
Soul – because until we take ourselves seriously as artists and listen, really listen to that part of us that knows and recognise what it is that pulls us then we are always going to be looking in all the wrong places for the answers we seek
Soul – because that’s what my clients are telling me time after time
Soul – because from this perspective our business and our creative practice becomes the vehicle that we get to express ourselves freely though from a place of authenticity, stop following the crowd and make a difference doing what we love
Soul – because it’s here we find what’s missing in our lives – not in the next award, new piece of kit, or whatever it is that you are searching for in the outside world
Soul – because we get to break our own rules as empowered creators and create from this space
Soul – because honestly- I do not know how to create another way
Soul – because it all starts with you

2) The heart of what I do – Creative Architecture – because its who you are being that matters

We all have beliefs that we think about ourselves. Some are healthy others are not.  Your life, creative practice and business can only go as far as the rules you have set for yourself (or that life has conditioned you to believe) The way we think (our being) determines what we create (what we do) which impacts the results we have (what we achieve). You are at the heart of your business and at the heart of your business is you. We’ve got to understand who we are being as an authentic creator for our business potential to flow.

As many of you will already know, I focus on three core areas – creative block, creative recovery and creative flow and I’m going to be speaking more about this from the being perspective – because this is where our creative growth becomes expansive. This is when the magic happens – when we begin to believe in ourselves, when we step outside of the conversations of our inner critic and see what else is availiable to us.

3) Building a business with soul – this is where I’m uplevelling. Over the last 12 months I’ve been developing and facilitiating The Creatives Mastermind where we learn to bring all of who we are being as an authentic creator so we can stay true to our creativity, bring it into alignment with what we are doing and build a business with soul. It’s a holistic approach – personal, creative and business development and the transformation has been incredible. I’ll be sharing the impact this process has had on start up businesses, businesses that have uplevelled and creatives who have been looking for that sense of purpose.

I’ll be mixing spirituality and strategy, intuition and creativity, embodiment and authenticity, passion and purpose, I’ll be talking about the importance of your vision, your dreams, your energy and I’ll be talking about the importance of your business blueprint, your plan, your voice, your value so you can stop selling your soul for a sale and compromising on your creativity and start to make a difference doing what you love.

As always, I’m not going to be for everyone, I’m niching even more because the women I’ve been working with and who I LOVE working with are making a difference to thier worlds and the worlds of others through authentic creativity. I’m going to be celebrating their stories and how they have found purpose, clarity and direction and are living and loving their work AND charging what they are worth. If you are a curious, open hearted, open minded, soulful creator who is ready to step into the next level of their creative path then I’d love you to stay connected and join me on these next steps.

I’ll be intouch again soon x