Creativity has a path

Creativity has its path

First there is the creative spark,

Second comes the idea into our consciousness

The third step is to bring our idea into reality

… and it’s our limiting personas, our saboteurs – more often than not, that hijack our Creative Self with the inner conversations of the I can’t, the what if’s, the I’m not good enough’s, the fears, doubts and judgements (of self, others, our environment/circumstance) at each step of the way.

 Depending on how your saboteurs show up for you, depends where and how they show up on creativities path and the impact they have at each step.

Creating awareness of our own inner dance is crucial, it’s only then we can start to unpack how we get in our own way and combat that, that we can reach our potential.

We can not win the inner battle if we don’t know who or what it is we are fighting.