Curious Conversations

Curious conversations – is it time?

When was the last time you spoke to your creativity or listened to your business?

This coming full moon is asking us to look within and connect to the parts in our lives where we lack balance in our relationships through communication, with ourselves, and others … but what about your relationship with your creativity and your business?

Here at Creating Creativity® I’m constantly having those conversations. My business and my creativity each have a unique personality, and I explore the perspectives of the three most important aspects in my business often – my creativity, my business and me, the triage.

Stepping into the perspective of my creativity and my business enables me, as a soul trader to get deep insight on what is needed and where my business or creativity needs to go. It allows me greater perspective to see where I am holding me back. It shines a light on what my business or creativity’s next steps are and what I can not see. It allows me to evolve my creativity and business greater than my limitations. I call it ‘The Alchemy Process’

Are you listening to your business and creativity or are you too busy rushing ahead and going it alone?

The lone wolf can survive the summers of abundance alone, but when the cold dark winters come, it’s the pack that thrives.

Working as a soul trader we are often lone wolves doing all we can to survive, by opening yourself up to your inner pack, your creative team and communicating openly with all pieces of the puzzle enables you to thrive and a great exercise for anyone feeling stuck or are ready to take the next steps in their business but don’t know what that looks like.

Find the balance you, your business and your creativity needs.
What questions need to be asked? What would each perspective say?

Where is balance needed?

Do you know your creativity and business personalities? Who they are, what they want and why they exist?

The biggest mistake most soul traders make is thinking their business is all about them.

You are the vessel, get to know the other components intimately.

Where will your curious conversations take you?


This process was absolutely outstanding. It helped me to understand my creativity and has flourished my business and creative sets in the studio. You always know exactly what I need at what time. Thank you for helping me with the Alchemy Process . Elisha Weger – Elisha&Co

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