Get Out Of Your Head!


Our feelings are some of the most powerful tools we can use for inspiration and authentic creation. So many creatives overlook accessing ‘feelings’ as a source of inspiration.

Your body (from your chin down) is a deep pool of untapped resources that can be accessed to inspire, guide, direct your creative flow. It’s powerful stuff.

When we only create from our head we can overthink, sticking to what we know, we become formulaic in our approach limiting our vision, passion, potential and creativity.

Whilst structure is a necessary part of the process, our creative freedom comes when we go beyond that.

When we understand which part of the creative process to be in our heads, our bodies, our environment we are able to access the fullness of our creative resources.

I love coaching delegates and clients through this process – it’s mind blowing and fascinating to watch as they unlock the abundance of creativity that flows and how easy it flows once they access this space, and even more powerful when we connect with our clients this way.

From this space our client feels seen and heard, they feel like you really got them. Your creations become unique to them and their experience with you is a meaningful one; and as that mutual journey of creativity unfolds, you become as much a part of their story as they yours.

So next time you’re creating, move from the confines of your mind into your body and begin to feel your way xxx